The Kinco servo application on gold-rimmed drawbench

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One, overview drawbench system is a kind of mechanical equipment with a control very high demand to speed, the requirement controls a system to be able to offer very accurate, flowing linear velocity. And use at pulling gold-rimmed drawbench more average drawbench demand is higher. Whole system is more complex, control equipment is much, the demand is very high harmonious sex between each electric machinery. This system uses control of 4 servo electric machinery, and there all is real time data to exchange between every servo, the ability of bus line communication that Kinco servo supports can satisfy the data between each axes completely real time is alternant. In view of the requirement in the system between fast mutual report crankshaft data, discharge silk to be able to come out according to the algorithmic and quick consideration of the requirement to ensure orbit side by side silk reachs the designated position, we still made full use of the in-house Firmware function of Kinco servo, pass computation of driver proper motion, electric machinery of proper motion drive discharges silk, great the time incur loss through delay that omited traditional drawbench controls a system to discharge filar position to transmit driver to cause again next through controller computation, ensured those who discharge filar defer is the smallest change, simple introduction issues this to cover a system below. 2, systematic block diagram 3, technological process 1. What did not pull is gold-rimmed adopt an obstruction device (the thing that basically is and so on of a plywood, it uses the pulling force with be offerred certain, the effect that also had to prevent a line to jump at the same time) , enter next fine play slot; 2. Enter fine those who play slot is gold-rimmed in fine pull cone pulliy and small pull cone pulliy pull for many times after making (by thick attenuate) , the silk that becomes a need (the clapboard between two cone pulliy put to grind, this grinds provided figure be " 〕 " , namely at the same time aperture is thick at the same time Kong Xi) ; 3. The silk after fine-draw is differred through slipping annulus, this annulus action basically is to keep constant tension; 4. From slippery difference annulus the gold-rimmed course after coming out is measured fast theory, measure fast annulus the linear velocity that action measures a current silk namely, use at feedback; 5. The course is measured fast annulus gold-rimmed repass an intermediate link, carry the pole that place silk next, go to filar winding finally close roll annulus on; 4, graph of frame of systematic control frame: The control difficulty that whole system asks basically has the following 4 parts: 1.

Put the control of constant linear velocity of filar servo; 2.

Adjust of servo follow control; 3.

The constant linear velocity of winding servo (constant tension) control, maintain below the circumstance that asks winding servo increases ceaselessly in radius namely with adjust the linear velocity of servo is equal; 4.

Place the positional control of filar servo; Because the system asks to have capacity of communication of CANopen bus line, after considering the CANopen controller plan with domestic each existing manufacturer integratedly, we chose Twido series PLC of Shi Naide and CANopen module. 5, control program introduces 1. "The servo that put silk " the control that constant linear velocity dominates this servo electric machinery is used take the control pattern that imposes decelerate (the speed of Kinco servo 3 mode) will finish. To this system, requirement main shaft puts filar report function the interference rejection on adequate the biggest level, move below the rate that stabilizes in as far as possible, and ask as a result of what help filar technology, must ensure rising to mix when stopping, have add decelerate function smoothly. Driver works in speed 3 mode fall, the rate with completely OK and contented extremely stable requirement controls a demand. 2. "Adjust servo " follow the control that dominates this servo electric machinery is used follow control mode (- 4 mode) will finish. Extremely tall to requirement of control of this electric machinery, its speed need follows completely the electric machinery that put silk will move, if appeared bigger error, gold-rimmed can be pulled, and this is right gold-rimmed pull making is absolutely unallowed! . Kinco servo driver is in " - 4 " when mode come off work is made, the rate that has very accurate, delicacy follows quality, not only OK and contented follow strictly requirement, at the same time OK and dynamic revise follow gear realizes linear velocity be in than coming ± 5% between fluctuant (ensure tension) . 3. The constant linear velocity of winding servo (constant tension) the Chongzhongzhi that the control that dominates this electric machinery is whole system is heavy, want to wind the string that come out flowing, do not collapse edge, so the linear velocity that is about to beg winding electric machinery and adjust the linear velocity of electric machinery is equal. And should realize control of constant linear velocity, must detect through loop of a feedback the actual linear velocity that circles line annulus, the system that the client goes uses tensional lever to finish, what tensional lever feedback goes back is a tensional signal, and tensional lever still has therein transfer link, if the linear velocity of winding electric machinery and adjust the linear velocity of electric machinery differs bigger when, pass compensation of rigid structure go ahead of the rest, next plus electric compensation, this is equivalent to two compensation link, reduced the machine rate that breaks a string. Such system is in use in a lot of drawbench at present. And current this drawbench is to use the silk that draw gold technically, gold-rimmed surface demand is very high clean degree, need reduces intermediate excessive segment as far as possible, so the client cancelled tensional lever, and used directly measure fast annulus will regard feedback as loop. Increased control so. Above all, we are collected through signal measure fast annulus linear velocity, be passed next and adjust annulus the PID computation that we pass after linear velocity undertakes comparative, complement computation finally as a result go on winding annulus speed currently. Except through real time PID computation complements outside the rotate speed of winding annulus, when controlling winding annulus rotate speed, the number of plies that we still wind a string through computation as calculative foundation, ensured winding annulus won't increase because of what increase of the diameter ceaselessly and cause an error thereby. 4. The control that places the position of filar servo to control the servo that place silk basically is to assure to circle make assuring line arrange online axis equably to go up, the effect discharging silk that next graphs are a requirement pursues: Difficulty of pilot of this electric machinery consists inverting share, to smooth glide is in to spend in inverting, and do not appear whorl, electric machinery is in inverting when should ensure avoid cumulative error, as a result of the mode of absolutely fixed position of Kinco servo, use Firmware interior to calculate, ensured absolutely fixed position is finished inside final circuit. 6, the last word is current this system already put into production, and ran time of about 2 months continuously, the result is favorable. Pull make 3 (finished product diameter) gold-rimmed when main shaft speed can achieve 400rpm, this raised nearly 5 than using the machine of loop of tensional lever feedback to pull the gold-rimmed diameter that make, rate became rapid close 70rpm, and pull make the gold-rimmed surface level that give smooth, accord with client demand completely. CNC Milling CNC Machining