The grinding of axis of small size step reachs clamping apparatus

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Graph the grinding problem that industry of electrical appliance of car of main shaft of 1 ignition distributor often encounters axis of small size step. It is with main shaft of ignition distributor of small emancipatory car exemple, its structure diagram is shown 1 times like the graph. Two step require grinding treatment, and coaxial spends a requirement taller. Because large quantities of quantities are produced, if use common cylindrical grinder, two end hit main shaft heart aperture grinding, treatment efficiency is low. Additional, main aspects of main shaft of its ignition distributor brings some models protruding tongue, see the graph is shown 2 times. If use central opening, must leave craft collet, after grinding is machined, cut again, take a lot of work, expenses stuff, extremely no-go. More advanced method is to use treatment of step grinding machine, but investment is larger. My factory uses existing inadvertently grinder and cylindrical grinder, designed a special fixture, better land solved the grinding problem of ignition distributor main shaft. Graph 2 flat tongues are carried one, if the structure of the structural characteristic clamping apparatus of clamping apparatus pursues show 3 times. By clamping apparatus body 5, bearing piece 6, pressing plate 4 wait for composition. The form of end of swallow of motherboard make it of clamping apparatus, installation is on the workbench of cylindrical grinder. When using, heart-shaped carry secretly moves main shaft to rotate in clamping apparatus, with the main aspects F12 of main shaft.

5 outside the circle is fiducial, grinding F8 dimension paragraph. Bearing piece is made with hard alloy, in clip specific two end set a group each, its job bizygomatic breadth spends control to be controlled in 4mm. The V form on body of corresponding clamping apparatus on bearing piece and pressing plate pressure piece also be enchased by hard alloy and become. Pressing plate holds work inside V form bearing, thrust wants moderate. Thrust is too small, the main shaft when grinding is vibratile; Thrust is too big, when main shaft rotates, bearing office appears apparent trace. The size of thrust by long grind on, the working face of next hooks will adjust. Its principle is those who rely on pressing plate handle is self-prossessed make go up, nature leaving a check mark is united in wedlock, at this moment main shaft can turn smoothly with the hand in clamping apparatus; Additional, f12 of main shaft of dial gauge park.

5 end ministry, the radial that use a hand drives main shaft F8 to carry a department, watch needle is not moved; Repass tries grind, the bearing place of main shaft correspondence rotates slightly only attrition print, explain thrust attune conformity is comfortable. Because of main shaft F12.

5 paragraphs are put in certain appearance error, reason is mixed in pressing plate pressure piece between added the balata cushion with large 1mm, to main shaft F12.

5 paragraphs appearance error has amortize effect. 1.

Handle 2.

Swallow the bait 3.

Hook below 4.

Pressing plate 5.

Clamping apparatus body 6.

Bearing piece 7.

Pressure piece 8.

Balata is filled up 9.

Base pursues structure of 3 clamping apparatus 2, after the affirmatory main shaft of craft course passes the turning, heat treatment, working procedure such as tap, press following craft courses to undertake again: F12 of inadvertently grinder kibble.

5 dimension, leave surplus 0.

1mm → uses special fixture, in F8-0 of the grinding on cylindrical grinder.


014 → get the F4+0 that sell aperture.

1 → inadvertently grinder grinds F12.



017. So far, main shaft treatment is finished. Main shaft F12.

5 dimension divide second grinding, basically be for purify F4.

1 sell aperture auger cut burr, make measure consistent at the same time, the adjustment of facilitating clamping apparatus. When final choice is ground, what main shaft rotates in clamping apparatus is slight grind mark by purify, assured the surface roughness of grinding face. 3, this technology program passes use effect large quantities of treatment test and verify that produce ignition distributor main shaft, satisfy the technical requirement of the design completely. Via the statistical analysis that spends to main shaft coaxial, cp=1 of process capability index.

53 ~ 1.

57. Its work efficiency, can get used to large quantities of demands that estimate production. CNC Milling CNC Machining