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Rate of treatment of billow machining center is rapid reflect not only in machine down time the short, time that change a knife rate of short, feed is rapid wait for a respect, also reflect in milling + on the compound processing technique of turning. Compound processing technique is the demand according to the user all sorts of treatment craft is compositive the solution on a machine tool, the purpose is to realize efficient treatment and accurate cutting, suit the spare parts treatment with complex, exact structure. Make in medical apparatus and instruments, aerospace, enginery wait for a lot of domain, the birth of compound processing technique can ecbolic the effect that gives a lot of expect to be less than. In car component large quantities of this kind of quantities machine a domain, compound treatment also has very great value, but combine specific spare parts to undertake concrete analysis even, because be machined to producing per year hundred thousands of big batch, the beyond the mark concentration of working procedure is not helpful for improving efficiency certainly. Compound processing technique basically builds billow on foundation of vertical machining center, compositive turning, auger cut, attack whorl and online measure wait for treatment task. Basically be aimed at the domain such as car component, aerospace, horological headgear and medical apparatus and instruments. Billow all the time since the mill vehicle that is good at expecting at be aimed at a club is complex treatment, if show the machine tool of series of some FZ08, FZ12 and MILL series, top rotate speed can amount to its turning main shaft 8000r/min, optional match deputy main shaft of axis of B of milling head numerical control, turning, implement treatment of 5 axes linkage and part 6 treatment. It is to be aimed at good stuff treatment likewise, billow rolled out more professional MT08/12 mill car again recently machining center, besides have turning main shaft and deputy main shaft, axis of milling head B, still include 12 swords tower leaving a sword, its are highest configuration has axis of 11 numerical control, suit the accurate treatment of complex part very much. In addition, in 5 axes on the axis of C of workbench numerical control of machining center, we are compositive also turning function, workbench drives a spare parts to rotate make turning treatment, rotate speed is top amount to 1000r/min, existing FZ12, FZ15 and MILL series have this function. It is with machining center of billow MILL series exemple, OK and sufficient body is revealed efficient the dominant position that reachs compound treatment. This machine tool according to modular fashion design, rich and comprehensive anthology match a function to be able to realize the client's individuation to use a requirement, in order to satisfy different application. The numerical control of configuration swings milling head, swing continuously 100 ° of limits ± , its give colour appearance to show profit from tall tigidity and dynamic performance. Optional on numerical control system distribute Siemens, Fanuc or Heidenhain system, change knife system automatically to use collect type to change knife way, the time that change a knife is only 1.

5s, and while posture knife library is being machined, can undertake the knife prepares changing, the axis of numerical control C that type design embeds inside also can realize the turning treatment of 2000r/min. Belt of four-axle revolving stage is auxiliary prop up and bridge board, deserve to have unit of locking of fast fixed position, facilitate change clamping apparatus, duplex operation rotate swing workbench mesa is optional the pneumatic that deserves to be provided with Yu Ga or hydraulic pressure interface. MILL series machining center has tall cutting property, main shaft power is supreme can amount to 75kW, bits - bits changes knife time to be only 2.

5s, knife library capacity can amount to 165 at most, suit treatment doing type or oily mist lubricant treatment. MILL series machining center is the compound treatment machine tool of 5 axes linkage, milling, turning, auger cut, attack whorl and online measure full on a machine tool implementation, install Kakeshi twice to show 6 of workpiece complete treatment, hold calorie of number through decreasing, ensure treatment precision rises considerably, when reducing machine down time and treatment effectively to use. Because used the banner automation inside course of study compositive technology, realized workpiece to machine the automation solution of complete treatment. The user can choose the automation that matchs billow to expect manipulator of the buy inside versatile and system, mechanical arm or dragon door robot, machine tool, workpiece is online up and down according to automation degree testing system of testing system, cutting tool damaged and cutting tool survey a system automatically. MILL series machining center can apply extensively at the domain such as car component, medical apparatus and instruments and aerospace. Billow rolled out the compound machining center of double main shaft recently, include machine tool of series of DZ08, DZ12, DZ15, can machine two same complex parts at the same time, manufacturing efficiency raised one times, can undertake on a machine tool mill treatment and car are machined at the same time, represented the development trend with compound new processing technique. Its advantage reflects the machining center of billow in " fast " on. Change a knife fast, because use structure of particular library of blue type knife, cutting tool distributings it is all round main shaft, shortened greatly the time that change a knife; Cutting is fast, use high speed processing technique mostly, main shaft rotate speed is high, each axis acceleration is rapid, fast feed; Workpiece transhipment of through cargo is fast, the machining center of billow configures workpiece switchboard commonly, when the machine tool undertakes machining, handlers can fluctuate surely in another side makings, fall nonproductive time lowest. CNC Milling CNC Machining