Dust mark heat covers a technology to be dynamical assembly of each component compositive offer perfect solution

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Form component structure each as dynamical assembly complication increasingly, and measure those who produce number to decrease with each passing day, the production of dynamical assembly can encounter problem of a lot of treatment and technical difficult problem without avoidable. Heat up the treatment technology that because its are special,covers a technology, answer and can solve the demand of a lot of production inside this domain and difficult problem very well. Be like, arrive through heating up a technical general cam or gear installation on the axis can reduce package weight apparently while, can ensure again axis kind have taller precision, and the work that can produce those to need tall torsion and high dynamic load. The expert of the automation company that round banner leaves Aimakeji passes old effort, research and development gives heat to cover patent technology, the production that is car motivation assembly was offerred particular flexible change treatment solution. The production of dynamical assembly needs his to machine equipment to have very good flexibility and efficient sex. Normally, if want to satisfy the diversity of the camshaft of those intricate geometry appearance and tine axle, can go up in same position only undertake different batch produce; and on the other hand, the market is higher and higher also to the requirement of finished product component, be like high strenth material choose, of the structure complication, of bulk contractible and weight is waited a moment gentlier and gentlier. And combined-type camshaft machines a concept simply because of its, satisfy the requirement of the market more easily. It is with automobile industry exemple, above all the component such as the cam that batch production gives to become independent individually and axis, undertake assembly according to the type demand of engine again next. Use combined-type camshaft to be able to reduce manufacturing cost significantly not only, still can assure very high definition. Graph 1 VA 700 T -- the device that is used at making combined-type camshaft. When a cam is covered by heat, the next has been in warm-up. Deploy a certain quantity of the heat of preheater covers a machine tool to make in heating up a technology to be able to apply effectively in manufacturing task. Potential enormous economic benefits dust the expert place that mark heat covers patent technology is the automation company that by Aimakeji round banner leaves considers to develop, the city of suddenly Yi Bach that this company headquarters is located in near German Alan. This heat covers a technology to basically be used at producing high accurate component -- especially combined-type camshaft -- its process can be below the circumstance that does not have any obstruction the suit that finish. The core of this technology, basically be to pass induction or contact to heat, let package can achieve place accurately to require temperature, preheater is one kind accords with workpiece geometry appearance and feature related its inside buy temperature controls package. Later, the work that passes warm-up is in not have the aid of is united in wedlock with axial photograph below the circumstance of any outside force, the workpiece after waiting for refrigeration adheres to closely was in on the axis. Pass the perfect couple of axis of robot, numerical control and clamp technology, this heat covers a technology to be able to be error control in 15 micron. And the whole process that produces camshaft, namely from collect relevant component covers treatment to the heat that finish, cost in all only 7 seconds. Accordingly, use combined-type camshaft to assemble the whole production process that completes a 4 crock engine to also need about 40 seconds only. In dust mark heat covers treatment inside the system, when a cam is covered by heat, the next has been in warm-up, raised the manufacturing rate of this craft greatly thereby. This craft not only OK and great shorten manufacturing metre, also offerred very tall freedom to spend for machine tool configuration. For instance, can undertake heating up covering machining in the light of numerous and different material, if forging cam, and order of grinding work of essence of life need not have again after combination. For this, the user blocks a head up in manufacturing such as or carry when waiting for component of form a complete set, can choose those completely to provide the data that sexual price compares to produce cost in order to reduce more. Dust the personalized demand that mark heat covers a technology to be able to satisfy every component not only, still raised its precision at the same time, the respect waits to be able to produce positive effect in technical research and development and product function sex. Be like, the different design with new more is blended in inside the least space. Graph 2 already finished constructional gear axis, robot and special clamp technology perfect binding energy implements an error to be less than 15 micron. Should the systematic design with quantity custom-built body heat up a technological equipment what to special production technology need then? Above all, those who need special attention is, this craft must make sure accurate production is ordinal -- warm-up, heat is covered, cool next. And, dust mark experts have technology all professional knowledge of compositive system, can devise custom-built and different treatment solution personally according to particular manufacturing demand. Accordingly, those mechanical manufacturer that come from center of German south industry special the economic potential that values this technology oneself, and be opposite this optimistic also mood. Rise abruptly of rising market gradually as the Asia especially, motor vehicle produces gross mushroom, in the near future inside surely will more and more suppliers are badly in need of improving productivity. And dust the heat of research and development of place of mark automation company covers a technology, it is a technical solution that faces prospective development, can satisfy the requirement that prospective technology expands completely. Be like, very much now muti_function the advanced motor device that locomotive car place uses is combined with respect to the camshaft that adopts compositive bearing package and become, from a flank, let us see heat covers a technology clearly the importance inside this industry. Dust mark heat covers a technology, because can choose accurate finished product cam to undertake machining directly, need not be opposite completely thereby these axes kind an essence of life that has sequel grind treatment, what avoided generation thereby is drossy destroy bearing, this also is why combined-type camshaft has unique character. Believe this craft is in future muti_function facet of locomotive car design will be important with each passing day. CNC Milling CNC Machining