The transducer N2 application on engraving tool

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One, introductive as standard of living rise, people is right crystal kind act the role of article, the grow in quantity with the ceaseless demand that model, brand gives the article such as the card, spurred the development that carves an industry, at the same time engraving tool also by wide application. 2, of machine tool of sculpture of numerical control of engraving tool system advocate transmission system uses infinitely variable speeds mostly. Current, system of infinitely variable speeds basically has system of frequency conversion main shaft and system of servo main shaft two kinds, use dc or electric machinery of communication main shaft commonly. Rotate through taking transmission to drive main shaft, or through bringing the decelerate gear inside transmission and main shaft box (in order to obtain bigger torsion) drive main shaft to rotate. Because range of timing of main shaft electric machinery is wide, but stepless speed regulation, make the structure of winner axle box simplifies greatly. Compare as a result of the tall sex price of transducer to the client at present, so transducer is used on the machine tool very general. If numerical control system pursues. The system is main function asks (1) wave motion of the speed inside total rate limits is small; (2) low speed moment of force is large, can assure cutting of low rotate speed; (3) the time that increases decelerate as far as possible short. The system is main functional requirement (1) control means choice is controlled for V/F; (2) need terminal control regards a command as the source, terminal of two lines type controls: FWD moves to turning (terminal 3 inputs) , REV turns over have a change of luck to go (terminal 4 inputs) ; (3) frequency source measures set for imitate (computer control plate outputs 0 ~ 10VDC) , need only from terminal 13 inputs frequency dictates; (4) moving rotate speed is in commonly 3000 ~ 24000r/min, the running frequency of conversion transducer is 50 ~ 400Hz (2 extremely high speed electric machinery) ; (5) quicken and slowdown time basis client oneself demand, be in commonly 3~5s, compare because of the rotate speed that move tall, so need takes the transducer of unit of apply the brake; (6) need breakdown outputs signal (terminal 1, 2 output) with breakdown restoration signal (terminal 9 inputs) . Systematic specification transducer is electric if wiring pursues what show transducer 13/GND (14) terminal is offerred measure with imitate of speed of numerical control system, AI1 receives imitate of numerical control system to measure interface signal, GND receives negative signal, signal is signal of voltage of imitate of 0 ~ 10V (the choice jumps line JUMP2 2, 3 short receive) , control main shaft rotate speed. 3/4/COM is transducer turning / invert signal terminal, give out by numerical control system turning signal perhaps inverts signal, come drive auxiliary relay, of auxiliary relay often open contact to receive transducer 3/ 4/ COM, the positive and negative that controls transducer thereby turns. Main function parameter installs transducer: F01=3, f02=3 (increase slowdown time) F05=18 (define V/F curve oneself) curvilinear parameter: F37=400, f38=100, f39=200, f40=40, f41=7.

5F06=400, f07=50 (the floor level on frequency) F10=1 (outside terminal is controlled) F11=2 (frequency instruction is given by exterior imitate quantity) F70=6.

8 (electric machinery is rated electric current) . 3, the last word is used general-purpose transducer N2, satisfied the treatment craft of engraving tool, brought considerable economic benefits to the client. CNC Milling CNC Machining