Use laser technology to machine different aperture

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The laser beam machining of different of component of current turbine motor aperture became the most popular subject, no matter aviation engine or mechanism of Liu Ji turbine build enterprise and its supplier to be opposite,this domain showed great interest, they often offer the form of different aperture, but technology of be enslaved to be enslaved to, experience or the limitation that are industrial equipment standard, the opening that wants conceivable good form is very difficult. Because different Kong Neng provides better cooling result to turbine component,everybody is to if this is interested,machining different aperture. Good design can use fewer aperture to achieve better cooling result. The amount that reduces aperture is meant shorten treatment cycle, reduce cost and reduce gas to use up, improve the efficiency of engine thereby, reduce the cost of engine. Because speed advantage, agile treatment method is reached,can machine enclothe adiabatic coating (TCB) the ability of the spare parts, use laser will machine different Kong Cheng to be heat (graph 1 with graph 2) . Pursue 1 model the development that Kong Jia is versed in the technology is accompanying soft hardware increased speed, precision and quality plan of 2 laser beam machining model Kong Di offerred better cooling effect Kong Zao to already was in the heat of engine paragraph on package effective. The electric spark technology that component of a few motor manufactures business to use a convention (EDM) will machine these aperture, use laser technology a few more additionally, and choose among them what some kind of processing technique basically considers is finished cost and flexibility. Laser beam machining not only fast and more agile, consider all factors integratedly, laser beam machining is more economic also cost (graph 3) . Graph technology of 3 laser beam machining aperture is perfect solved treatment speed, flexibility and cost issue laser beam machining are faster be versed in to compare technology of laser beam machining and electric spark Kong Jia technology, we understand two models that use at description aperture first: Diffuse paragraph with dc paragraph. Diffuse paragraph: Can regard model of aperture " appearance " part, be located in model the gas outlet place of aperture, use jet air stream, with film of a gas is being formed in the surface of the spare parts; Dc paragraph: Be cut by direct perforation or laser annulus and become. To turbine motor component character, its aperture diameter is in commonly 0.



Between 4mm) . Referenced and the following case, we can know treatment model aperture dc end length is spent and did not ask completely according to demarcate. In 20 centuries 90 time are prime, pratt&Whitney(P&W) company encountered the problem of a cooling aperture. It is very perfect that cooling Kong Cai uses laser beam machining, but in engine phenomenon of air current block was come up against however in be being used actually, and air current use efficiency is very low. Be in Si Heiwen factory of P&W company Nuo, a group that heads by Dave Pepe developed technology of a double laser beam machining, be in place of spare parts surface, along initiative refrigeration aperture angle enlarged a paragraph of small diameter of this aperture. Although this is planted original " diffuse paragraph " and later model aperture design has very big different, but reduced finished cost greatly, need to have simple operation on laser stiletto equipment only. This kind of craft scored huge success, be reached by promotion general benefit company is other a few processing factories, at this late hour, this kind of craft still is being used. In 20 centuries 80 time later period, vickers Precision company of England uses laser beam drilling machine to replace traditional electric spark to machine equipment, those who use treatment to appoint appearance model Kong Kuo comes loose paragraph with dc paragraph. Vickers company finds company of North America of general luck Ma to seek a help, company of North America of general luck Ma provided system of a LASERDYNE 780 BeamDirector, deploy a tradition " syntonic antrum " Nd:YAG laser, its agile fabricating characteristics, simple and easy process designing handled the success to this project to have crucial effect. On this equipment, we developed a complete laser stiletto technology, shortened treatment is periodic, reduced finished cost. A confine of this kind of craft is to ask Kong Bi is needed " inspect " , because Puruima was used,this is " syntonic antrum " type Nd:YAG laser uses perforation to machine the result of craft. Although the appearance of aperture is restricted somewhat, but this kind of craft remains extraordinary success, and all the time continue to use up to now. After the craft of Vickers company scores a success, people begins to try other the treatment of all sorts of appearance different aperture. The treatment of sandglass form aperture appeared, this kind of processing technique consulted the treatment method of Vickers company, but make the focusing central point of laser shift a bit downward. Current, most model Kong Jun design is sandglass form, when machining sandglass form aperture, the mouth taking energy of life of aperture and gas outlet figure are same, dc paragraph length and position suffer laser bundle the influence of each parameter (be like: M2 or stimulate cone angle of quality of beam of light, focusing, Jiao Shen to wait) . In addition, because the point of view in stiletto of spare parts surface is different those who reach outline of spare parts appearance is different, with type aperture expression comes out all sorts of different figure. Below specific requirement, position of OK and floating central point will change the slope of sandglass form, enhance the cooling power of aperture. As a result of syntonic antrum Nd:YAG laser is commonly used hereat kind craft, dc paragraph the appearance of diameter and aperture all got be restricted certainly. Nevertheless, craft of this kind of stiletto is very effective still, and be place of craft of electric spark treatment cannot come true (graph 4) . Nextpage pursues spare parts of 4 adiabatic coating is OK laser stiletto, electric spark craft of electric spark treatment and component of motor of its confine turbine aperture machines craft and cannot not be confined to above a few kinds when what narrate, devising another kind of method that personnel uses normally is: Traditional electric spark machines equipment to deploy the electrode of specific figure. Electrode is become by treatment normally shape of degree of lip-rounding of columnar, horn, pass cupreous bar simple treatment can figuration, finished cost is low. Also can use many electrode at the same time (comb shape) , use machine many aperture at the same time, although this kind of craft improved efficiency, but treatment cycle is very long still, and differ as a result of the angle of every aperture and position, it is very difficult that treatment rises. Electrode combs medium individual electrode requires scrupulous installation, and allow easy damage, repeat labor and electrode to abandon very tall. As a result of adiabatic coating (TBC) wide application, electric spark processing technique more got restrict. Adiabatic coating part is complex, mostly not electric, and spare parts of requirement of craft of electric spark treatment must electric. Be compared and character, laser stiletto does not accept the restriction of adiabatic coating. (Graph 5 with the graph 6) pursues Duan Tu of dc of laser beam machining of 5 high power laser beam machining of 6 low power diffuses paragraph as a result of afore-mentioned of all sorts of elements restrict, craft of electric spark stiletto already was replaced by place of laser stiletto craft gradually. Treatment of two laser cause is same model Kong Yi is planted new treatment method is two laser source machine jointly model aperture. Below this kind of method, source of the first laser machines dc effectively paragraph, this laser source needs to have very high pulse energy (to 45J) , pulse frequency 200Hz, and need have tall bright brightness (quality of beam of light) . Aperture of dc of laser beam machining is a very mature technology, although use the syntonic antrum Nd:Y of old designAG laser is OK also very easy implementation. The typical laser parameter of this kind of craft is as follows: Focal length lens is 200mm; Pulse width is 1ms; Average power is 180W; Pulse frequency is 12Hz; Focal diameter is 0.

015in, peak value power is 1.

25 × 107W/cm2. Source of the 2nd laser uses small purify data, treatment diffuses paragraph. Diffuse paragraph source of treatment need laser has shorter pulse width, lower average power, taller frequency, these laser have the capacity of coating of purify heat insolation and metallic stuff. Its parameter and the laser parameter that are used at making tender use are very adjacent, we can draw lessons from laser to hit the design of sign system, however although was shown,laser makes mark equipment diffuse certainly paragraph of process capability, but farther seminar discovers its function is finite. However this kind of new treatment method also is limitary: Dc of high power laser beam machining paragraph efficiency is very tall, need the pulse of 4 12Hz only commonly, but low power laser beam machining diffuses Duan Zefei Chang Man, material purify efficiency is relatively inferior. Treatment diffuses paragraph with dc paragraph rise quite, diffuse paragraph treatment wants a lot of slower; And the cost of this kind of treatment is relative also taller, need stage or 3 two equipment to finish whole model aperture machines a process; In addition, when using means of this kind of treatment, of equipment cover an area of all space, installation, power source problems related to finished cost to also need special consideration. OK also consideration general laser is compositive in uniform treatment facilities, such meetings are reduced install between two equipment, lade the time cost that increases workpiece, but the design of equipment is more complex, how much didn't total finished cost change. Syntonic antrum is adjustable laser system we flow in existing treatment Kong Zhi paragraph on laser parameter foundation, can't help wanting to ask, why same kind cannot be laser machined diffuse paragraph? Of laser " syntonic antrum " the design answered this question, the laser of this kind of design from 20 centuries 70 time begin to apply at industrial domain, although application is very wide, but its parameter is not changeable. Right model aperture treatment will tell, "Syntonic antrum " the question with the biggest laser is the laser parameter that cannot output a variety of need. And laser of ConVERGENT LASERS CL50k overcame afore-mentioned difficulty, to satisfy model aperture machines a requirement, CL50K laser is added installed ICT(dynamoelectric adjustment group of lens of in-house and syntonic antrum) with) of module of dimension of VSM(alterable facula. This kind of laser can machine the high energy laser that sheds paragraph of place to need continuously with offerring, also can offer treatment to diffuse paragraph of needs low energy laser. Athletic control uses double nucleus processor to machine craft relative to electric spark aperture, another problem that craft of laser beam machining faces is athletic control. Through be opposite laser beam machining aperture diffuses the observation of paragraph of process, we discover the motion of laser head is very complex not hard. The control system of current equipment uses double nucleus processor more, the fact also proves double nucleus processor can finish the processing of complex data operation and machine code. Plant through using this new-style double nucleus processor, engineer process designing is calculated and need not write alone athletic statement code again, LASERDYNE CylPerf function already showed this kind of character. LASERDYNE CylPerf function allows handlers to be aimed at cylindrical the complex feature of the aperture on the spare parts distributings undertake simple apace process designing, need to describe a series of simple geometry statement only, these geometrical statement can be changed into machine code in real time by processor. Model aperture treatment also is to use same principle, handlers needs to describe dc only paragraph diameter and length, diffuse paragraph appearance feature, processor can change his into machine code and carry out treatment movement. Model the method that Kong Jiguang processing technique already was proved to be a kind of effective in the past, there can be more wide application in the future. The development of laser design and process designing technology makes laser system becomes more charming, but the energy with larger investment goes the engineers that still need us consider and developing laser system. CNC Milling CNC Machining