Equipment of cut of MAXIEM abrasive water

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American OMAX company exhibits an OMAX of date W3-A123 United States (be proud horse) the company is system of cut of global nicety water one of top class manufacturer, the MAXIEM of cut of water of new generation abrasive that its roll out (stride fast) brand, use technology of patent drive of Intelli-TRAX drawing attrition, efficient straight drive pump outputs pressure 50000 Psi. Software of Intelli-MAX basic edition can produce the advantage of equipment most, satisfied an user to wait for the strict requirement of each respect in speed, accuracy, flexibility and stability. Speed -- control series is used current the most advanced control software and water pump of straight drive type, raise cut rate, save cost effectively; Accuracy -- make complex and careful part, tolerancepublic errand only + / - 0.

05mm; Muti_function -- but cut all sorts of material, electric conduction and non-conductive n, include metal, pottery and porcelain, glass, composite material and balata. CNC Milling CNC Machining