Spot of transducer of blue Hai Huateng debugs guidance -- drawbench of filament of double frequency conversion

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One, drawbench of double frequency conversion of systematic program introduction can realize pair of copper cash to steel wire chases class drawing and perhaps accept finished product quickly roll, general and commonly used at 0.

The treatment of 1mm above wire. Drawbench of double frequency conversion uses passivity to put a line normally, raw material enters drawing case through putting a line to wear inside, after passing many moulds, line means is come by fine-draw beforehand the degree of finish of set, after passing the technology that discharge a line next again the layer is circled to labour print wheel. 2, craft introduction: 1, wear a model. Implementation is overall before the job that start, must chase class pass a mould through burnish of front of handiwork general raw material. Realize electric machinery dot to use low speed roll through foot switch commonly, use a tool to pull silk thread from the front of the mould at the same time play back end, the silk thread after passing a mould lays one class pattern to can be passed, want first its front burnish or fine-draw, ability can pass mould of below one class after. In this technology segment, the moment of force when requirement electric machinery is being started and low speed moves is large and stable, moving rotate speed is stable, and the electric machinery when machine stops to did not invert in decelerate. 2, drawing. Finish by hand after wearing a model, can pass increase electric machinery rotate speed to realize successive drawing process gradually. The drawing that notices drawbench of double frequency conversion comes true by an electric machinery normally, no matter have a few patterns,will realize the drawing that pursue course. In running a course actually, the traversal speed range of electric machinery will be bigger, even electric opportunity works in constant power division. In this technology segment, no matter the requirement is laden size, wave motion of electric machinery speed is small, low speed or output of the torsion when weak magnetism area works are big and stable. 3, close roll. Controlling a share is an independent electric machinery drive, with drawing do not have between electric machinery any machinery stirs a concern repeatedly. The finished product need after passing drawing is twined synchronously go up in labour print wheel, in whole process, no matter start,quicken, stop machine decelerate, the moving rotate speed that the constant speed below any linear velocity runs to all ask to receive an electric machinery and drawing electric machinery is synchronous, pull with respect to meeting occurrence silk thread otherwise perhaps twine random line to wait unusual. In this technology segment, the requirement receives an electric machinery timing to answer fast, speed control is accurate. 4, platoon line. Normally the layer circles finished product wire on labour print wheel, on the cross axle of labour print wheel, wire should circuit circuit parallel is arranged one paragraph from cross axle cheek by jowl together to another paragraph, realize; Chase a ground to add finished product of hank of thick final implementation again. This has buy of traditional thread binding of a platoon to finish wire to be in what lower end move back and forth carries on cross axle to arrange finished product wire with respect to the requirement. According to the requirement of mechanical design, the implementation that discharges a line has a lot of kinds of plan, for instance mechanical, frequency conversion, or servo. 5, stop urgently. In running a course when equipment, be like occurrence emergency, ask whole equipment stops quickly as far as possible. At that time drawing and the position that accept an electric machinery to be in sharp slowdown, the silk thread after the requirement stops machine process to end won't be pulled, such ability can assure to be able to be started smoothly next time. 3, product characteristic 1, the fork control that controls a share is good. Fork reacted drawing part and the consistency that receive a partial synchronism to move and the stability that maintain volume of the tension on the line. Should receive a speed to be able to go up quickly at drawing speed fork commonly become warped, conversely fork will be flagging. The special algorithm with because drawbench of blue Hai Huateng is special synchronous speed of the buy inside transducer, developed transducer torsion to answer fast, firm the good point with fast high precision, when assuring to start no matter fork is current the position, can arrive at balance position not to have oscillation; When moving no matter become,front speed and labour print wheel coil diameter size, fork all is stabilized without oscillation. 2, the dot moves the operation when wearing a model smoother. Because wear the need when the model to be moved bit oftener, so drawing electric machinery is in dormant, quickly, low speed moves, the decelerate, iteration that still waits for condition to fall switch; In drawing line means bigger case falls, the electric current of the instant that start may be very big, right now low speed of transducer of blue Hai Huateng leaves output of large moment of force and admirable voltaic limit ability can make a line smooth, not tripping operation; In drawing line means lesser circumstance falls, start not smooth or stop Electromechanical machine to contrary to reason or one's expectation all can bring about silk thread to break, right now La Haihua vacates what transducer designs according to using experience actually to remove the successful rate that stops special character to be able to assure to wear a model by hand to rise greatly. 3, have rich experience to the special requirement of this industry. Drawing of the requirement when stopping urgently for instance and close roll want synchronous and sudden slowdown, collect a character that is load of a big inertia partly right now, the measure that should adopt apply the brake of specific power consumption commonly jockeys quickly. Transducer of blue Hai Huateng can be inside whole set buy apply the brake is unit, return the solution that can offer whole set to shed bus bar continuously in all; Again the reason as a result of material or machinery is for instance abrupt fracture of wire, transducer of blue Hai Huateng can detect fracture of wire stops automatically machine, give out signal of give an alarm to await the overhaul, after removing trouble, can continue to move, the built-in control parameter of transducer can keep stable and successive, won't be decided the effect of the line before, make sure around controls characteristic good always sex thereby. (in the home that this industry uses in great quantities some product of well-known trademark is put in afore-mentioned problems) 4, slick watch head shows. Drawbench of general double frequency conversion deserves to have two watches head, plan rice watch and linear velocity are expressed. Because La Haihua vacates transducer,support is pulled outside operation face plate, when so the user is using my department transducer, can mix drawing directly the operation face plate that accepts a transducer is expressed as plan rice and linear velocity watch secures the face plate in work station to go up, go to the lavatory already managing cost. 4, overall program overview: 1, drawing part type selecting: V5-E-4T**-E0-LS(operation face plate does not support linear velocity to express a function) linear velocity of support of V5-E-4T**-E1-LS(operation face plate expresses a function) 2, receive a partial type selecting: V5-E-4T**-E0-SX(operation face plate does not support plan rice to express a function) V5-E-4T**-E1-SX(operation face plate supports plan rice to express a function) 3, drawing part uses open loop vector control, terminal is offerred the dot is moved and run a function, imitate gives AI1 as linear velocity, AO1 outputs the running frequency with drawing current share to regard the linear velocity that receives a transducer as synchronous instruction; 4, receive a part to use compound control, the imitate quantity that the linear velocity synchronism that enters drawing ministry send namely dictates gives AI1 to regard as advocate give, the AI2 of imitate quantity feedback of current position and the output after balancing the position to do PID to adjust serve as fork auxiliary give, implementation moves to the synchronism of drawing part. 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