Cogging machine technology is developed

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Cogging machine is optimized. Rolling program optimizes a circumstance to see a table 1. Each second all seam for actual roller, bounce of cogging rolling mill the value considers inside, the rolled piece after optimizing is actual ply is 60mm. The pressure that remove like the scales of a fish is 145bar, exterior oxidizing slag but effective purify, satisfy craft requirement. If the watch is shown 2 times,craft optimizes around rolling temperature and rolling force change. Can see, the 3rd, 4, after 5 roller seam enlarge, drive side and force of operation side rolling all are reduced somewhat. All-purpose rolling mill is optimized. To reduce force of each frame rolling, facilitating rolled piece is bitten, they each in the light of all-purpose rolling plan second roller is seamed undertake optimizing. Craft parameter optimizes around to establish roller rolling force not to have apparent change, force of rolling of roller of level of UR, UF all increases somewhat, among them amplitude of force of rolling of UF level roller is in 200kN. And can see from data, without crossing the crackle when craft is optimized makings scale is 12.

3% , scale of makings of the crackle after craft is optimized is 4.

19% , optimize through craft but the crackle makings scale that handles without blowing argon too is 8.

956% . Conclude from this, the abdomen that the preform production that through LF the station that blow argon handles gives board crackle decreases apparently, the step that working procedure of later period rolling takes craft to optimize cannot from go up at all the generation that solves celiac board crackle. The process that connect casting is the process with a successive and successive mould, caky molten steel. In this process, steel is solid state from liquid state change, accompanying caloric to transmit. Molten steel is caky in the machine that connect casting conducting heat come true inside 3 cooling zone: In cooling zone, steel fluid forms the even base case of certain ply in crystallizer, the cooling water that the quantity of heat that molten steel comes out is flowed by high speed is taken away. In 2 cooling zone, gush water quickens caloric of casting base interior to deliver, make fluid core part gradually caky, assure certain over all dimension and internal composition. In empty cold region, after giving 2 cold divisions, casting base is cooling in air, quantity of heat is main with radiation means be lost. 2 cooling action is even casting inside crystallizer only caky quantity of 20% or so molten steel, still have about 80% have not caky. The casting base that plays from crystallizer is caky into a frivolous case, and the center remains high temperature molten steel, the edge runs Bian Ning to originally, the result forms a very chief fluid photograph acupuncture point. To make casting base continues caky, export the setting inside length of the machine that pull correct from crystallizer cooling zone of water of a gush. Spray water system is set in 2 cold regions all and a series of clip roller that arrange by arc, have bearing and oriented effect, when making casting base moves along certain arc orbit, avoid generation to expand be out of shape. 2 times refrigeration is mixed with casting machine crop not only closely related quality, and also have main effect to casting base quality. Be in if 2 cold regions cool between Duan Zhi each inhomogenous, the temperature that can cause casting base appearance appears to pick up periodicly. Answer case of the base since Wen Yin to expand, when the high temperature that brings to bear on to exceed steel to the tensile stress of caky forward position allows intensity and critical meet an emergency, crackle can appear between casting base surface and center. And periodic change can bring about temperature caky carapace happens to change repeatedly, it is the reason that hypodermic crackle forms casting base. The vertical crackle that forms inside crystallizer mostly fine shallow, after casting base enters 2 cold areas, if cooling intensity passes big or refrigeration is serious inhomogenous, the tiny vertical flaw that stronger thermal stress can make casting base surface already was generated expands, outspread, final development becomes exterior slit blemish. And different 2 cold kind are existing to be affected certainly to casting base slit, use gush water to cool, water area of big, spread out is small, drip falls to surface of base of high temperature casting, can make cooling water of vapour film block up and casting base contact, cause refrigeration inhomogenous. In the meantime, guide because issue the assemble of running water,roller is in, casting base is cooled strongly when pass. These cause temperature of casting base surface wave motion is big, thermal stress increases, make imperceptible slit grain expand further outspread. Grain of slit of H shape face basically distributings to be in in the 1/3 that is apart from celiac board or 1/4, with likeness of position of grain of different base slit. In crackle place sampling undertakes spectrometer is analysed, the field trash inside crackle of surface of the field trash inside crackle of face of partial H shape and different base becomes minute of close, all contain the field trash such as composition of protective broken bits and P, S, the presence that can determine grain of slit of different base surface from this is H profiled bar the main reason that celiac board crackle produces. Through above investigation, analysis can see, abdomen of finished product of H profiled bar board quality of surface of the formation of crackle and different base that connect casting and cleanness are spent closely related, and the craft parameter control of 2 cold regions affects grain of preform surface slit directly form, LF finery and degree of cleanness of interior of preform of the decision that blow argon. Abdomen of finished product of comb-out H profiled bar board crackle should from increase preform quality take as the point of departure, collect data, analysis ceaselessly reason and enact measure. abdomen of norms of 14mm of × of 14mm of × of H250mm × 255mm board the metabolic circumstance of crackle, decided the main factor that affects celiac board crackle then. This action is helpful for improving quality, reduce waste, enhance the market competition ability of the product thereby. CNC Milling CNC Machining