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-- the concept that is based on green science and technology, system of feed of linear to numerical control machine tool servo of a certain number of problems discuss Normal > the article is with system of feed of servo of linear of numerical control machine tool exemple, analysed the difference of product of part of Chinese scroll function and abroad, point out machine tool enterprise should be not gone after blindly " precision index " , and need to pay close attention to at immanent " function index " , walk up thereby high-energy effect, energy-saving, fall the bad news, green that decreases a platoon makes way. Normal >This Article Takes The Servo Feed System For CNC Machine Tool As An Example, analyzes The Difference Between China And Overseas Scroll Functional Components, and Points Out The Fact That Machine Tool Enterprises Should Not Blindly Pursue " Precision Index " But Focus On The Internal " Performance Index " So As To Achieve Green Manufacture Of High Efficiency, energy-saving, and Emission-reduction.

Companion makes the arrival of the times as green, equipment makes an enterprise should follow the idea that scientific progress watchs, be based on the concept of green science and technology, in machine tool of of all kinds numerical control, according to the product of different type, different function, different class, and the diverse demand of speed, acceleration, dynamic to the feed of system of linear servo feed precision and athletic contrail precision, select the functional part that matchs to it, and chase after not blindly seek high accuracy, high rate, tall target, also not follow the fashion. Right " high accuracy " ideal chooses us to often can see, in the product model sheet of many enterprises, always " high accuracy " regard as " advantage " will publicize, no matter whether can be achieved, completely beautification is " nicety " , " high accuracy " scroll function component, product. Actually this is incorrect, be a product " function " with " advantage " confuse sth with sth else. In fact, numerous field is created in machinery in, lead plane product needs truly " high accuracy " is one fraction only. In addition, still having a kind of case is " precision index " with " function index " immanent and organic connection is undeserved reply a thing, desalt is right " function index " requirement and function, blind, one-sided pursuit " precision index " , this is unscientific. Actually, the difference of product of part of Chinese scroll function and abroad, not be to be in merely " precision index " go up, still include to be in stiffness, dynamic character, dependability inside " function index " the difference that go up. Knowing this difference soberly is very necessary, otherwise, technical development still can continue to lose way. Drilling machine of numerical control of movable type of door of dragon of much main shaft, lathe bed two side contain each two tall bear the weight of force rolls point-blank slideway deputy, fore-and-aft shift passes dragon door together AC servo electric machinery and guide screw of ball of accurate big pitch deputy bilateral and synchronous drive. To the CNC machine tool of class of rice of high accuracy, accept, normally the stability of the athletic contrail precision of the dynamic function the system, cutting tool and precision, regard main set as the target. And should configure guide screw of high-powered P1-P0 class ball more in system of linear servo feed deputy, its reason is: Above all, ball guide screw deputy accuracy class becomes direct ratio with production cost. Precision is taller, the cost of final precision work is high, manufacturing cycle is long, bad news of specific power consumption, content is bigger also. Accordingly, blind chooses those who deserve to be able to cause lead plane cost to rise. Next, in the CNC system of closed circuit, half closed circuit, but the requirement that have the aid of realizes pair of dynamic function and athletic contrail precision at error compensation function of the system. Review on century 60-70 time, in battle of accurate machine tool, what use basically entirely is the great proficiency of pure machinery, component of the transmission that uses high accuracy namely, fixed position will achieve the requirement of machine tool precision, for example: Use " 0 " class, " 00 " the mother guide screw of class deputy, develop the guide screw mother aircraft of successful high accuracy. And now, the evolution of precision marchs toward digitlization, CNC to change from pure machine already, intelligence is changed. Go to facilitate to ball guide screw is in Cheng (lead) the error that go up undertakes compensating, ISO standard, state level, all distributing to the linear of the error did refine a regulation. Now, the mother guide screw of grinder of CNC accurate screw deputy, already resembled making excessive demands in that way in those days no longer P1-P0 class, and use P2-P3 class to be able to satisfy a requirement. Accordingly, can say to be taken blindly choosing is right " precision function " the waste of resource. Choose accuracy class scientific and rationally, maintain dependability of gender, function to give to precision strict requirement, just be well-advised optimize configuration. In international standard ISO3408, the fixed position that differentiates accuracy class to increase negative charge beforehand to have for P0, P1, P3, P5 (P) ball guide screw deputy (Positioning Ball Screw) . And also speak of in the 2nd article of this series, it is early 20 years ago, abroad appeared the CNC nicety cold rolling mill that a batch of tall stiffness, intelligence turns, make RBS (guide screw of cold rolling ball) precision stability reachs P5 level, the part reached P3 level, then, machine tool of medium, cheap CNC is on the configuration of functional component, much a kind of choice. Here, the author identical norms, same precision (P3 class) grinding ball guide screw deputy (MBS) as deputy as guide screw of ball of accurate cold rolling (RBS) function made a qualitative contrast (see next tables) , for analysing reference. Nextpage watch mixture drive, advantage is complementary, about choice transmission way discuss American Lngersoll company used the linear electric machinery of research and development at high speed machining center first 1862 (prototype) , till 1990 hind, linear electric machinery begins to popularize application on high speed, high-powered numerical control machine tool as commodity. Western country is developing AC in process of linear electric machinery, solved the crucial technology in application of numerical control machine tool, and from " straight drive " angle analysis, the opinion of linear to AC electric machinery is very high, be in even EMO ' 97 on lifted " European linear electric machinery is hot " . However, include learned man of Japanese engineering group inside the personage inside many course of study has different understanding and judgement to this. From maturity judgement of the technology: Ball guide screw deputy far outclass AC is linear electric machinery, especially from 1995 since, with the NSK, THK whole world ball that is a delegate well-known company rolled out guide screw generation the guide screw of ball of accurate high speed of another generation deputy, and nut of ball of small inertial, small temperature rise rotates advocate the new product of transmission, challenge AC linear electric machinery ceaselessly. Then, "Linear electric machinery of deputy VS AC of guide screw of ball of accurate high speed " , the analysis of advantages and disadvantages of means of different to two kinds drive and comment, became the lively topic of engineering group. The author is in Chinese machinist Cheng learned annual meeting to go up 2002, ever was opposite linear electric machinery " replace " theory raised doubt first, point out " undertake comparative with common ball guide screw and linear electric machinery " , say or state with certainty " have very hard too big improve " , from this extend the meaning comes out " replace " talking is worth deliberate. The fact later proves: Replace talking is one-sided, not only such, right still in those days deputy decision-making determination produces guide screw of ball of high speed of nicety of research and development negative effect. Well-known, the advantage with the AC linear the most outstanding electric machinery that uses at numerical control machine tool is: 100-200 M/min of Vmax ≧; Acceleration 1.

5-10g; Fixed position precision is as high as 0.


01 μ M, precision is stable, do not produce drift, move smooth, noise is very little. About the advantages and disadvantages of AC linear electric machinery the analysis reachs optimal application situation, the author ever had detailed treatise in a few papers, no longer give uncecessary details. The project does the expert that pursues research and development of linear electric machinery to have incisive opinion more. When us from green wisdom the point of view that make will analyse, the electric consume of AC linear electric machinery is more than the mechanical consume that brings by the element such as rolling friction far, according to concerning literature analysis, tower above 5-10 times, with what have function of pitching moment enlarge photograph of ball guide screw is compared, the axial thrust of most AC linear electric machinery is finite, and of the AC linear electric machinery of high-power, big thrust calorific bigger (be as high as 100 ℃ even) . In addition, to lying between magnetism, defend, the cost that still raised a system greatly from the rigid step that lock, strong cold place must take. And to high speed cutting, the influence to controlling a system still also does not have a lot of not certain factor such as change of force of the cutting below tall cutting position to study deep. Apply an any new technologies, newly, want the way that is development of science and technology only, accord with a country to be in the applied policy of new period, can give an user gain again, have vitality. In fact, no matter be AC linear electric machinery or guide screw of ball of accurate high speed deputy have vast market space severally, need the market help motive force, facilitate its health develops continuously. Now, many famous machine tools make abroad group, in linear of high-powered CNC machine tool in servo feed system, using AC linear electric machinery while, be based on can price of effect, sex is compared those who wait for an element is integrated think, AC linear electric machinery and guide screw of ball of accurate high speed component of two kinds of functions configures the different coordinate axis in machine tool of a numerical control to go up at the same time, with producing their respective distinguishing feature adequately, implementation advantage is complementary, satisfy user individuation requirement to the greastest extent thereby. The author thinks, plan of this kind of mixture drive is deal with concrete matters relating to work, it is the green design concept that is worth to draw lessons from. And for the numerical control machine tool of act, large to growing Gao Zai, use ball nut transmission when transmission way, filament bar should be used first efficient come back forcedly mill (length ≧ 10m, precision P3-P5) or figuration of accurate cold rolling (length 6-8m, precision P5-P7) . If need to still can make treatment first to guide screw again, undertake changing pressing handling to ball nut, such high-grade and large, carry ball guide screw high deputy, its function, can price of effect, sex is compared, offer goods period, have competitive advantage more undoubtedly. Notable is, when using AC linear electric machinery, must configure the scroll of accurate high speed that matchs to it to guide point-blank at the same time machine deputy. In recent years, foreign well-known company is like SKF, THK to wait to cooperate with the business that produces linear electric machinery in succession, successful development goes AC linear electric machinery and scroll the actuating device of high speed linear of linear slideway unifinication. This kind of actuating device has high speed, high accuracy, the structure is compact, the characteristic with tall stiffness. The last word has a kind of view: Times of 19 centuries steamer is first time Industrial Revolution, 20 centuries stride electrification times is first time Industrial Revolution, 21 centuries will be with green science and technology is dominant, stride the 3rd Industrial Revolution that can develop continuously. Green tide sweeps across the whole world, 21 centuries need is preferential new green energy resources. And equipment manufacturing industry also will with energy-saving, fall bad news, decrease a platoon to be a target, realize innovation of science and technology and industry to upgrade hard. The social responsibility of the enterprise is exchanging golden hill silver-colored hill at cannot using green water green hill. In fact, high-energy effect, energy-saving, fall the bad news, green that decreases a platoon is made is to be an enterprise to upgrade transform, promote soft actual strength and good actual strength, go after new economy to grew means to create advantage. CNC Milling CNC Machining