Dark essence machine is about to roll out the machine tool of high-powered numerical control that provides USB interface in the round

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The place of dark essence machine that make will be in the exterior of MAPPS III and the positional   that deploy USB interface what its produce a machine tool to operate dish " MAPPS III " on increase USB interface. The tentative idea basically is used at turning through USB memory to collect the data such as NC program. MAPPS III prepares to have 10.

4 inches are mixed dimension of 15 inches of 2 kinds of monitor, begin all model that produce from May 2007 mark to match USB interface. MAPPS III is a kind inside the operation that buy has the computer that is based on Windows and NC unit dish. Before this, wait for the NC program that computer software makes through CAM, network of main inside big plant by carries an operation dish on. Nevertheless, in the factory that if be,does not have laid network, with respect to the memory such as need general SD card and its adapter insert an operation dish on inside the PCMCIA card interface of the setting, exchange data through storing card comes. And turn through USB memory put a program, can input the program easily the operation dish in. MAPPS III will rise to be deployed on partial machine tool in September from 5 years use, the limits of type of after this application expands ceaselessly. Deploy in what have type to go up rate for 3 ~ 4 into. Nevertheless, this company books 7 years to deployed MAPPS III on almost all type in May. CNC Milling CNC Machining