Be based on the research of library of UG NX cutting tool and application

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Cutting tool is the main component in machine production system. Because industrial product is ceaseless,to the structure advanced respect develops precision of complex, dimension, this makes the preparative work in the cutting tool in the CAM more and more intricate also, become the deadly obstacle that the company grows. Undertake cutting tool library so build, can improve process designing efficiency on one hand, reduce the labor intensity of process designing personnel; Can make produce on the other hand more joint is actual, shorten production is periodic, raise the economic benefits of the enterprise. And NX CAM serves as CAM (ComputerAided Manufacturing, CAM) the person above average of software domain, the CAM module that offers because of its supports platform of large treatment data, can offer solution of one a complete set of, the function is powerful, already received very wide application now. But data of a few give typical examples is included only in its default library, the treatment characteristic of the requirement that can not satisfy an industry and enterprise oneself. The current situation opposite that cutting tool of numerical control process designing uses produces the mode of job of numerical control process designing of the spot to undertake investigating, because do not have flow of normative numerical control process designing, wait for database of a few main bases without unified cutting tool library, cutting parameter library, appear easily the following problem: (1) in undertaking manufacturing machining preparative, need is right a workpiece or it is many workpiece when the work out processes craft and order, use the treatment cutting tool of a variety of norms, different type likely. If we are when work out program, new one by one is founded and should set cutting tool parameter every time (the parameter such as the geometrical construction that includes cutting tool, material) , so our efficiency will drop greatly, those who finish also is some of simple repetition labor. (2) because spot worker basis makes outline (FO) rent cutting tool to tool room, often need oneself to choose cutting tool brand, him basis is worked by the circumstance choice cutting tool of treatment spare parts length, and occurrence tool room does not have corresponding cutting tool and often still change machine program, create the frequent stop work of numerical control machine tool, affected the use efficiency of numerical control machine tool badly, increased the labor strength of the personnel such as jockey person. (3) order goods as a result of cutting tool and production is periodic and longer, satisfy the need that new product develops very hard. Accordingly, technologist often is used when craft preparation substitute cutting tool machines first spare parts (first spare parts has been produced finish, and most order the cutting tool that give to had not arrived first) , not only the accuracy that affected first appraisal, and the normal production that still affected other item, increased the administrative difficulty of cutting tool. Of cutting tool library build for this, we began many cutting tool to study the work, built the cutting tool warehouse that suits this unit part, cutting tool and characteristic of machine tool treatment, have seriation, standardization government to data cutting tool, came true when using NX to undertake numerical control process designing, intelligent ground chooses place to require cutting tool, improved the quality of numerical control process designing and efficiency greatly thereby, make the cycle that produces preparation shortens greatly, manufacturing efficiency got rising apparently. Definition of seriation of 1 cutting tool and description pass data of pair of cutting tool of spot CNC Machining to undertake collection, classify and arrange, use the definition of standardization, standardization and description to the cutting tool of different type, be like: KENNA of bugle call of cutting tool plan.




LXD16Z4L50La24R1, among them the brand that KENNA expresses this cutting tool is to agree accept (Kennametal) , c states the material of cutting tool is coating hard alloy, n expresses to be machined material is common entrance aluminium (7075, 2024 etc) , h100 states cutting tool total length is 100mm, LX states this cutting tool is establish milling cutter, d16 states D of cutting tool diameter is 16mm, z4 states cutting tool ages number is 4, l50 states cutting tool is the biggest working length can achieve 50mm, la35 states cutting tool knife is long for 35mm, r1 states radius of horn of cutting tool bottom is R1. Graph of 1 description is the parameter of a few important geometry that establishs milling cutter. Apply this to name regulation to be able to compare scientific ground to undertake unity naming to CNC Machining cutting tool, made seriation, standardization. Cutting tool material is the main factor that affects performance of cutting of CNC Machining cutting tool directly, the material of CNC Machining cutting tool is varied, commonly used cutting tool material has steel of tool of element of stone of steel of high-speed steel, gold, carbon, hard alloy, cermet, nitrogen to change pottery and porcelain, cubic nitrogen to change boron to wait. Undertake to different workpiece material cutting is machined, need different cutting tool and corresponding cutting parameter to finish. Of structure of frame of management of library of 2 NX cutting tool recombine Chinese it is OK in NX labour process designing to change will get cutting tool through 3 kinds of means, found new cutting tool, call cutting tool from inside pattern plate file, still have even if call cutting tool through cutting tool library, if pursue,2 are shown. The definition of cutting tool classification that because the system is acquiescent,the definition of cutting tool type of cutting tool library and we produce the spot is not identical, and it is English, consequently very not intuitionistic, use extremely no-go. We always hope can be Chinese, can use classification to agree with our spot cutting tool. Carry further research, the cutting tool frame in discovering NX supervises a construction (cutting tool administrative levels concerns) be in Dbc_tool_ascii.

Of the definition in Def file, 3 when will define cutting tool library through CLASS MILLING, CLASS DRILLING, CLASS TURNING advocate kind, be in 3 advocate kind below defined nearly 30 subclass again. And each of cutting tool detailed parameter is in Tool_database.

The record comes in Dat file. Then, undertake be classifieded afresh to cutting tool according to the structure of use cutting tool and appearance, to Dbc_tool_ascii.

Def file undertakes modification, will undertake planning to cutting tool library afresh through using TCL script language, if pursue,3 are shown. Revise the Dbc_tool_ascii that finish.

Save after Def file, start NX software afresh, carry out call cutting tool command from inside the library, attainable be like the result that the graph shows 4 times, this is the consecution clarity that we hope to get, hierarchy that accords with ourselves to use cutting tool type. Nextpage3 is based on what Excel electron form builds warehouse of cutting tool of library of NX CAM cutting tool to build the administrative efficiency that improved numerical control cutting tool greatly. Technologist in principle can choose cutting tool from inside cutting tool database only, inquiry allows to call only when numerical control process designing, and do not allow to input cutting tool information by hand, ensured thereby cutting tool consistency of data, the with database of tool room cutting tool cutting tool information when making the cutting tool information of craft branch is undertaking numerical control process designing keeps consistent, lowered the error rate of the input 2 times, improved the quality of numerical control process designing and efficiency. Carry thorough research, after mastering NX to take the file structure of cutting tool library and information record structure oneself, according to the actual application circumstance of the unit, according to " calm name, calm type, calm parameter " wait for means to have cutting tool standardization, seriation government, have new cutting tool by structure of cutting tool record next the record is founded and new knife handle record is founded. When founding, use application software of Excel electron form, so that undertake batch edit and be safeguarded of the record conveniently, if the graph is shown 5 times,built cutting tool is recorded, if the graph is shown 6 times,built knife handle is recorded. Next repass Windows uses skill (duplicate → stickup → is replaced) , the changeover of cutting tool library that builds Excel electron form is NX to be able to read extraction ASCII form directly, finish cutting tool library thereby build, if pursue,7 are shown. After library of 4 cutting tool explores interfacial information to expand cutting tool library is built, we can explore an interface to undertake demanding cutting tool information quickly through cutting tool conveniently, but the addition as cutting tool amount, exploration amount is larger and larger, then we hope to be able to come through more information more apace asks for place to require cutting tool. To let cutting tool library (Library) more accord with real need, can carry the further research of files of pair of cutting tool library, use process designing of TCL script language, undertake more clients are changed custom-built, if inquire style of politic, dialog box, increase more cutting tool information to wait. Each Library includes 3 systems file, it is * respectively.

Dat, * .

Def, * .

Tcl, action is as follows: ① * .

Dat -- the data record in including Library; ② * .

Def -- the definition that includes a few kinds of property, link is established between Data file and Library operation dialog box, can edit Library to operate dialog box style here; ③ * .

Tcl -- the message that is based on TCL programming language handles function script, the operation that control and Library concern handles a process. Data file * .

Def is shown 8 times like the graph. Data attribute alias (Alia) statement statement: Data the variable that medium attribute changeover can receive into Library dialog box. DB_ALIAS< variable name > the attribute symbol in file of {DB_ID< corresponding Data > DB_ID_TYPE< variable type > of variable of type of option of string of – of integer of – of D – double essence of life I S NextpageOPTIONS"opt1""opt2""opt3"< optional > OPTIONS_IDS"val1""val2""val3"< is optional part correspondence in Data file, undertake expanding to information of property of cutting tool brand, configuration code is as follows: All "" of DB_ALIAS Pinpai{DB_ID PinpaiDB_ID_TYPEsOPTIONS" agrees attention of "} of brand of cutting tool of "RSET_NAME" of brand of cutting tool of "OPTIONS_IDS%""Kennametal""ISCA"DIALOG_NAME" of accept "" Yi Sika, the content in OPTIONS_IDS must with cutting tool library (Tool_database.

Dat) answer relatively in the file, the choice that realizes pair of cutting tool thereby is called. After configuration is finished, if the graph is shown 9 times,cutting tool calls an interface. Pass in front introductory method, what we can realize cutting tool to explore interfacial information is patulous, achieve the goal that we need. The application of cutting tool library is with cannot tearing open those who change bit when found newly to establish what milling cutter records to use exemple, the use method of library of demonstrative specification cutting tool. Undertake choosing by the following measure when transferring into cutting tool records: (1) the choice founds cutting tool, click with the mouse in founding cutting tool interface again " call cutting tool from inside the library " command, call from inside the library agree the cutting tool record of the diametical 16mm of accept, in playing the window that give the input matchs data, inquire listed and all usable record, choose what to require cutting tool, if pursue,10 are shown. (2) after choosing right record, click affirmatory pushbutton, this cutting tool that records a delegate enters tree of cutting tool structure to fall, if pursue,11 are shown. (3) press above measure, ordinal all cutting tool that transfer into place needs. Reentry linage accuses process designing, after process designing ends, can undertake imitate of cutter track contrail. Last word the article is setting with the item is being made in some digitlization that large company carries out, to library of NX cutting tool build a technology to undertake study, put forward to use Excel file to establish the method of cutting tool library in NX, use what TCL script language realized cutting tool library to build; The client in realizing library of NX cutting tool at the same time is changed custom-built, expanded cutting tool explores interface and information of NX cutting tool. The success application of this method will produce the following effect: (1) apply this method to build accord with an enterprise the cutting tool library of actual condition, make place of numerical control process designing chooses cutting tool and close tie of manufacturing site cutting tool to rise, ensured the applicability of numerical control program. (2) when undertaking CNC Machining process designing, choose cutting tool from inside cutting tool library directly, reduced personnel of numerical control process designing to install the amount of labor of cutting tool parameter greatly, improved efficiency of numerical control process designing. (3) of content of cutting tool library make newlier examine via effective treatment ceaselessly parameter of optimized cutting tool cutting is able to withhold, let whole department share the knowledge of expert level and experience, improved CNC Machining efficiency thereby, reduced manufacturing cost. CNC Milling CNC Machining