The menu of AutoCAD R14 is custom-built technology

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Structure of 1 menu file and menu format   reach those who develop business to have already to protect an user accumulate, make the transition of the product relatively gently, the can sufficient latent capacity that digs Microsoft latest technology, autoCADR14 preserved original menu structure already, undertook expanding newly to its again, make user and the graphical user interface that develop business to be able to use Windows95/NT platform adequately (what GUI) custom-built technology undertakes convenience to the user interface of R14 is custom-built. Accordingly, autoCADR14 menu includes to have menu of original of all kinds equipment not only, next pulling menu, cursor menu and screen menu, the user that still increase and strengthened toolbar pushbutton menu changes a function. 1.

Basis of   of structure of 1 menu file the different area of AutoCADR14 alternant interface, menu file is divided to be different section, each a lot of dish individual event were included in the section. The user can describe different section and dish individual event by his demand, and not certain describe in that way according to the menu file of AutoCAD all sections and. To realize the to load in R14 and the function that uninstall branch menu, menu file still should include menu team name. Accordingly, the form of menu file is as follows: Name of team of ***MENUGROUP menu file, if the user was not written, it is team name with name of menu file whole way; ***AUXn system nods equipment pushbutton menu surely (like the mouse key defines) ; Menu or cursor menu are pulled below ***POPn; Menu of pushbutton of △ ***TOOLBARS toolbar; ***IMAGE image menu; ***SCREENn screen menu; ***TABLETn digitlizes appearance board menu; The condition that menu, cursor menu or toolbar button press below △ ***HELPSTRINGS helps news all right; △ ***ACCELERATORS quickens key definition; / / annotate goes. Among them, the menu part that takes "*" is R14 new addition content. 1.

The dish individual format of R14 of   of   of format of 2 dish individual event is: Menu of label of label of name of Name_taglabelmenu_macro   this format is opposite grand   all menu items are unified, there just is Name_tag in image dish individual event; And also differ somewhat to the meaning of different menu item Label. Among them, name_tag is the exclusive identifier of individual event of every dish in menu file, its action is (the state v/arc trade association that menu and toolbar pushbutton pull to answer in phase below 1) general aids connection to rise; (Menu is pulled to bolt with its connection rises quickly accordingly below 2) general; (The position that 3) uses at controlling dish individual event (be like usable or not usable) ; Label is to be put in [] the concerned information that medium indication gives an user, for example to TOOLBARS, [] the name that medium content defined a toolbar, condition (float, conceal or wait it is thus clear that) , the position and use icon; Menu_macro is this dish individual event or the action that pushbutton wants to carry out, can be program of AutoCAD command, AutoLISP, ADS/ARX program. For example:   of **ABD   of   of   of **TB_ABD of   of ***TOOLBARS   / / definition toolbar. " of ID_ABD_0[_Toolbar("ABD wall body, _Floating, _Show, 400, 50,   of 1)]   / / definition toolbar pushbutton. " of body of ID_ABD_1[_Button(" scale wall, "ICON.

Bmp" , "ICON0041.

Bmp")]^C^CABD_WALL: Scale of body of wall of ID_ABD_0[of   of ***HELPSTRINGS   and editor.

] body of wall of crewel of direct scale of     ID_ABD_1[.

] : If above part is included in menu source file, when be being called through compiling, will appear a toolbar that is " of "ABD wall body, include among them the name is pushbutton of " of body of " scale wall. When the user moves cursor to the toolbar, "Wall body scale and editor. " the state that assists information to appear in the window goes; When the user moves cursor to pushbutton, "Body of wall of direct scale crewel. " the state that assists information to appear in the window goes, at the same time cursor arrowhead place still has the clew of " of body of " scale wall.   of composition of 2 menu file should satisfy the new requirement with custom-built to menu user, must have expansion to original menu, this behaves the change in menu structure not only, still behave the change that constitutes in menu file. Before R14, the menu original document of AutoCAD is * .

MNU, its compile a file to be * .

MNX; In R14, * .

MNX is nonexistent already, those who replace is other a few kinds of files, the menu file of AutoCADR14 comprises as follows: * .

File of MNUAutoCADR14 menu pattern plate (text format) ; * .

MNCAutoCADR14 compiles menu document (binary format) ; * .

The menu source document that MNS compiles generation by AutoCADR14 (text format) ; * .

The resource document that uses in MNRAutoCADR14 menu (binary format) ; * .

The AutoLISP program document of to load of MNL homonymic menu (text format) ;   of   of process of staff of document of 3 users menu (1) with text file means, the format that asks by AutoCAD writes * of file of menu pattern plate.

MNU and the * of AutoLISP program document that its call.

MNL, if have toolbar menu, still need to make corresponding icon file at the same time (dot of small icon 16*15, big icon 24*22 nods) ; (The document of menu pattern plate that use MENU command compiles 2) to had been written (the file type in the dialog box that chooses a file needs him user switch * .

MNU) , autoCADR14 will generate * automatically.

MNC, * .

MNS and * .

MNR file; (Use interactive mode increases 3) and edit toolbar menu, autoCADR14 can update * automatically.

MNS file, if the user wants reservation to increase toolbar bill of fare newly, avoid to compile * again.

Lose when MNU, must handiwork general * .

The concerned content in MNS duplicates * .

Ability uses MENU command to compile * again after MNU is medium.

MNU. The retrieval that 4R14 menu calls is ordinal   calls menu when user use interactive mode, perhaps use process designing means to call menu, autoCADR14 retrieves order to call menu with the file that be as follows: AutoCADR14 besides can call menu with MENU command, still can command with MENULOAD other menu file medium menu transfers into current figure edits an environment, the bill of fare that and the part perhaps is replaced entirely uses currently. Can use in the program (the condition that MENUCMD) function and menu label will come to control menu. Major content is the same as original menu in the menu of AutoCADR14 of   of   of 5 toolbars pushbutton differ very few, no longer give uncecessary details. Here basically introduces the custom-built method of the toolbar. 5.

A kind of pushbutton of toolbar of   of brief introduction of 1 toolbar pushbutton is Windows system smooth Taichun very convenient alternant control method, especially Windows95/NT4.

On 0 platform, the use of the toolbar is more agile and convenient, can undertake by the user the user is changed quickly, get thereby the be fond of of user of broad Windows system. AutoCADR14 used toolbar button adequately also, and allow use a variety of methods custom-built toolbar. Its characteristic is: (1) is custom-built and convenient; (2) can show a variety of clew and side supplementary information 5.

Of 2 toolbars pushbutton custom-built (user of   of law of 1) direct file is OK ask according to the menu file format of R14, write toolbar pushbutton * of file of menu pattern plate directly.

In MNU or * of menu original document.

In MNS, compile afresh when calling menu, toolbar pushbutton shows the demand that presses an user come; (When Central Plains of menu of   of 2) alternant law does not have toolbar pushbutton first, use TOOLBAR commands the toolbar that start runs a program, found and revise what have toolbar button; When menu Central Plains already had partial toolbar button first, want to move the mouse to press to either toolbar pushbutton mouse right key can start toolbar government program only, have toolbar pushbutton property next revise and edit. (3) builds the measure   of toolbar pushbutton to start toolbar pushbutton to run a program; Build a toolbar, input the concerned attribute of the toolbar; Pushbutton increases in newly-built toolbar; By " mouse on new pushbutton right key " inputs the concerned attribute of pushbutton; The icon that edits pushbutton (ICON) . AutoCADR14 of 6   of last word   offerred a more convenient bill of fare for user and development business custom-built mechanism. Especially the custom-built technology of toolbar pushbutton menu, use agile, custom-built and convenient, can use extensively in application software. CNC Milling CNC Machining