Why should CNC communicate electric machinery with servo?

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Servo electric machinery says to carry out electric machinery again, its function is the angular displacement that controls the voltage of the input signal changeover to be the output on the axis and angular velocity, drive controls a target. Cent is dc servo electric machinery and communication servo electric machinery. Next small why should the machine of carve of essence of life that invents everybody to tell Shenzhen huge use what need not communicate servo electric machinery and flow continuously? See the characteristic that communicates servo electric machinery first, see its advantage again, everybody understands why to can choose it above all, what the principle servo electric machinery of servo electric machinery says again fall to be executive electric machinery in light of us, action is the voltage signal changeover that passes an input the angle that goes up for transmission is mixed exclusively angular velocity, make transmission shaft runs, the main good point of alternating current machine has the following 1, precision: The coder of tall nicety, the positional precision with rotational rotor reachs micron level 2, rotate speed: Make sure high rotate speed falls, the dynamic balance that has stability spends 3, adaptability: The instantaneous electric current of the 3 times above inside short time outputs ability, bring doughty adaptability can 4, stable: Below low rotate speed, torque muscularity, unusual glissade or follow error do not appear when can assuring to get power 5, seasonable sex: The response of electric machinery is in less than of a few millisecond, be attributed to its structure 6, comfortable sex: relatively at synchronous electric machinery, itself of asynchronous electric machinery is less a lot of spare partses, make transmission more firm, voice is small below it is two kinds of common asynchronous communication electric machinery CNC is to belong to tall accurate machine tool, use at producing various fittings, the spare parts is like watch, mobile phone, computer. Illicit take alternating current function to bring exacter position to spend, make the product that makes artistic, and fruity do not run configuration. Its most principal port depends on, accurate production, to the spaceflight aviation of tall nicety, space rocket, and most important effect has on the domain such as careful medical apparatus and instruments CNC Milling CNC Machining