Efficient the nylon that reclaims to be polluted badly 11

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Come from British project plastic reclaiming expert -- K2 polymer company (Loughborough) choose Genuosi the MRS much screw of plastic technology limited company squeezes a system to reclaim the nylon that treatment gets serious pollution 11 material. This equipment applies more than one year successfully already. Nylon 11 meetings are used as deep-sea vitta in great quantities, reclaim from offshore platform after vitta of deep-sea oil field is deserted come back. After the course is used for a long time, this kind of valuable data already was polluted by oil. A few oil are stuck in material surface, additionally a few already was opposite thereby among infiltrate through material of material reclaim cause a lot of troubles. MRS70 much screw pushs a system. Through MRS (much screw pushs a system) extruder, the treatment of 11 mixes nylon go foreign matter adopts a measure achievable. Before entering extruder, mix without complex formula bring a harm to the environment (of course also the price is high) clean. K2 polymer company chose MRS70 much screw to push a system. This system still includes a RSFgenius to rotate filter system, of pair of horniness that can undertake effective treatment and pressure are stabilized or half horniness impurity filter. Nylon of 11 reclaim makings quality is very high, can use at high quality vacuum and the reduce air hose production in auto industry even. CNC Milling CNC Machining