One kind is solved forging intermediate frequency heats makings is lukewarm not all method

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Intermediate frequency induction heats have heat speed fast, oxidation it is better that little, temperature controls condition of accurate, production, and the job is stable and reliable wait for a lot of advantage, got applied extensively in the big batch production of car forging. My company is tube of car hub rod specialization manufacturer, most product heats up crowded casting die to give priority to with water press. The half axle sleeve that uses on the drive axle of around of car of for military use that the graph shows be my company development 1 times to have world advanced level is in charge of, and the I that goes up for carring capacity van kind ensure public security, its material is character: 45Mn2, use Ф 102mm × 13.

Steel tube of 5mm high grade alloy expects, via 3 local heating, heat up mound 3 times extrusion. In there is working procedure to examine after local heating, mound is squeezed every time, in order to prevent the generation of hot extruding blemish. In working procedure regular meeting of the classics in examining discovers inside phenomenon of orifice ministry fold arises, these folding generation dropped the percent of pass of the product not only, and once miscarriage of justice or magnetic force flaw detection leak check and finished product is made after machine treatment, cause very big loss likely. For this, we squeezed reason of folding of ministry of the orifice inside casting die generation to undertake serious analysis to heat, took corresponding step, obtained favorable result. 1. Analytic problem my company forgings intermediate frequency heats use power source of intermediate frequency of 500kw / 1000Hz, inductor liner diameter is 180mm, ministry installation has the guide of make it of makings of steel bar of 1Cr18Ni9Ti austenite heat-resisting by heating furnace. When × of 102mm of local heating Ф 13.

When 5mm canal expects, center of the aperture inside the aperture inside inductor and tubal makings cannot coincide, the upside that the canal expects is apart from coil further, relative to the bottom that expects at the canal, on the low side of its electricity efficiency, cause fluctuation temperature abhorrent. High temperature side is out of shape relative to microtherm side fight force to reduce, when hot extrusion, easy inside orifice ministry forms fold. Previously, forging labour of choose and employ persons is collected to time when heating rotate tubal makings 180. , worker labor strength is great, and factitious element is much, reject loss occupies 5 % . , caused very big loss to the enterprise. 2. The solution works to reduce a worker intensity, reduce reject loss, on theoretical analysis and spot simulative foundation, we were designed by oneself rotate automatically what be like what the graph shows 2 times device, installation is in mouth of intermediate frequency furnace, solved the problem that the canal expects fluctuation temperature is abhorrent well. This device basically reachs the component composition such as positioner by bracket of armrest, mobile car, base. Two installation have gear the scroll lever of 8 5 through bearing 4 with mobile car the motherboard of 10 connects; The straight couplet pinion on take-off of WD100-60-I decelerate machine the 3 gear that go up with scroll lever at the same time 8 clench the teeth, drive decelerate machine by electromotor, the pinion that goes up through decelerate machine take-off sends motive force to two scroll lever, make put those who ask at two scroll lever to wait for heat the canal expects automatic and even ground rotates. Heat length can pass timing positioner of the 10 slip staff guage that go up and mobile car before dead center position will decide. When undertaking local intermediate frequency heats, handlers needs to pass armrest L to haul mobile car only, put preform two scroll staff between and make the end panel outside preform and positioner slip rear sight is clingy, shift mobile car position of the dead center before coming again, of preform hang a part to be able to rotate automatically inside intermediate frequency heating furnace, even be heated. Apparent the labor intensity that the success application of this device reduced a worker greatly, solved local heating makings is lukewarm inhomogenous problem. Should rotate device puts in the following advantage: (Because 1) uses motor-driven circumgyrate means, heat temperature is evener, reduced the effect of factitious element. (2) and rotate previously artificially the means photograph of preform is compared, reduced labor intensity of the worker, increased labor enthusiasm of the worker. (3) is passed examine test and verify, because of inside the reject loss late that orifice ministry fold causes falls to 0.

3 % . . 3. Epilogue is forginging industry, partial enterprise uses manipulator to rotate preform 180. the method will solve this kind of problem, should rotate plant construction is simple, the operation is convenient, fault rate is low, also be the effective method that solves this kind of problem. Through a year of much practice test and verify and army combine the assess of survey group, be heated of temperature of the preform when this device solved local heating of intermediate frequency induction not all problem, can assure the product quality that military vehicle axis provides, the fine that improved a product greatly is tasted rate. CNC Milling CNC Machining