Knife of an organic whole of bore with a reamer of antimonial Ma mill (attached drawing)

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Through the effort with much half an year, antimonial Ma tool rolls out reamer of mill of hard alloy of a whole at succeeding in July 2014, the mill bore with a reamer on the extension bar of soft magnetism stainless steel obtains a breakthrough on compound treatment, photograph of as top-ranking as international already brand rivals its life, it is supplier of component of system of BOSCH fuel spray formally to offer money now, in cutting tool homebred turn the case that went up to add a success again. Graph the reamer of hard alloy mill that extension bar of stainless steel of soft magnetism of system of one fuel spray applies on extension bar spare parts, its are remarkable the characteristic is a function compound, design is efficient and clever, accurate. It can one knife 3 with, bore with a reamer of the aperture inside collect is cut, orifice pours horn and orifice mill end panel to be an organic whole; This knife is structure of a flight of stairs, 4 blade are designed, among them blade of two a flight of stairs uses part, blade of additionally two a flight of stairs uses mill end panel; Extension bar end panel is the cone of a small angle, and the requirement is very strict, angle is inside sunken 30 ″ of 4 ′ , and tolerancepublic errand is ± 12 ″ ; Cutting efficiency is tall and life is very considerable, specific the detailed data of the article after seeing. Applied case   1.

Spare parts requirement: Spare parts diameter: D3.

The Kong Guangjie inside 8/D8   spends: Ra0.

Angle of 8   a flight of stairs: Cutting tool has blade of milling of two a straight angle the requirement is quite strict (see figure below)   life requirement: 30 thousand above pursue two-terminal   of requirement of precision of face taper freeboard 2.

Treatment condition is machined material: Machine tool of soft magnetism stainless steel: Form of refrigeration of lathe of 8 axes CNC: Inside □ cold ■ outside collet of cold machine tool: Parameter of pinchcock head cutting: S: 6000r/min, f:0.

1mm/r   basis machines condition and treatment requirement, we can see it is good to do this cutting tool has 3 catastrophe to nod: Above all, the character of soft magnetism stainless steel, soft and extend a gender wonderful (can amount to 20-22 times) , it is very difficult to bring about short bits; Next demand of taper of place of a flight of stairs is high; Again life demand also is very high. To capture 3 catastrophe are inscribed, we from the following 4 respects begin, accomplish actor to pick strong capable person, optimize make design, meticulously, guard a pass strictly. One.

Actor picks material of wear-resisting cutting tool: Choice hardness and tenacity are very tall exceed fine grain material. 2.

Special design reachs craft: Graph 3 mill reamer designs characteristic   1.

Exceedingly good chamfer, the blade design with geometrical angle, use advanced numerical control equipment and scientific workmanship, add upcast light to handle, knife of an organic whole of bore with a reamer letting mill already can cutting is light, can discharge bits again smooth, still can come loose heat is rapid, realized efficient, high accuracy and tall life. 2.

The angle of blade of milling of two a straight angle has 4 ′ only 30 ″ , the process that make controls quite difficult control. In grinding process emery wheel wears away extremely easily, once wear away,this angle asks with respect to short of client, must ask so choice pole wear-resisting and the emery wheel of fine grained will machine. 3.

Appropriate coating: Want to reach so tall life, coating aftertreatment is very important, must have the chooses reasonable wear-resisting coat of specific aim so, the cutting tool life that improves greatly so. 4.

Quality canal accuses: Angle of this cutting tool 30 ″ of 4 ′ are very important, extremely easy also difficult treatment reachs the designated position, to control this angle can achieve the client's requirement, each cutting tool that antimonial Ma tool makes detects in the entrance the enlarge on equipment 483 times detect, control cutting tool quality strictly. CNC Milling CNC Machining