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The project such as polycarbonate, polyamide and polyester is plastic, by Wu Nengman sufficient car, electron and field of home appliance are defied high temperature, corrode, wear away wait for high demand, can satisfy the need of environmental protection sex, field application is extended increasingly, developing in a lot of new fields hard the action of equal. First mobile phone that uses a harvest component increases of consciousness increasingly as consumer environmental protection, development accords with character and the environmental protection solution that function asks to make a kind of global trend increasingly. Base at this one trend, move machine of a famous player produces business Motolora (Motorola) uses Shabaiji the polycarbonate of new-style Lexan EXL 8414 with plinth plastic innovation (PC) is made gave mobile phone of MOTO W233 Renew. This mobile phone is the carbolic neutral equipment that the whole world carries attestation first times, contain the consumptive after that is as high as 25% to reclaim (PCR) composition (come from deserted plastic carefe) , manufacturing specific power consumption was reduced 20% the left and right sides, more important is, rising but durative while, still gifted the performance with outstanding mobile phone of new fund Renew. "Mobile phone of MOTO W233 Renew reflected Motolora adequately to be in the long-term and firm commitment that can develop to be made with respect of environmental protection responsibility continuously. " mobile equipment business can grow Motolora continuously and Bill Olson of administrative office director says, "Pass as plastic as innovation of Sha Baiji plinth collaboration, we are developed jointly piece with the colophony of Lexan EXL 8414 at production housing, the consumer that increases increasingly to give birth to voice consciousness nowadays thereby offerred the high-powered solution of neutral of a carbon. The design original intention of Renew mobile phone is a complete environmental protection and extremely reliable equipment. " the mobile telephone of new fund Motolora MOTOTM W233 Renew that the Lexan EXL resin with plinth plastic innovation makes use Shabaiji. "The cooperative relation of we and Motolora is OK restrospect to 20 years ago, and colophony of new-style Lexan EXL 8414 revealed us the achievement of newest and joint development, " the Tom Stanley of technical vice president with plastic innovation of sand uncle foundation says, "In this case, motolora hopes to obtain as high-powered like colophony of traditional Lexan EXL and the environmental protection with simple treatment solution, and innovation of sand uncle foundation is plastic the energy of global technology special skill or knowledge that uses oneself satisfied this one requirement definitely. This spends the material that has something made to order personally, can be a client to offer otherness solution when be faced with the most intractable environmental protection to challenge, raise competitive threshold thereby. " although colophony of Lexan EXL 8414 is the mobile phone of MOTO W233 Renew that is Motolora only,develop, the it is same OK to other applying that be opposite but durative on the Motolora product that has a demand with outstanding performance. Long-term life forecasts the polyformaldehyde colophony in biology fuel the technology regards environmental protection as one of countermeasure, biology fuel is wide get attention. The polyformaldehyde resin with treasure plastic manage (POM) DURACON is used extensively in respect of component of car fuel system. Recently, treasure reason is plastic and technical development went effective ground, high accuracy ground to forecast the resinous in varied biology fuel the technology of long-term life. This technology forecasts a technology to form by two. Among them the technology that a technology measures to forecast biology fuel to be soaked to resinous. Polyformaldehyde immerses at embellish of Peng of the meeting in benzine or biology fuel. Because Peng profit volume and resinous intensity are reduced,have affinity, it is very important to forecast pair of resinouses to infuse a volume so. The technologist with treasure plastic manage completed pair of this appearances according to thermodynamic theory forecast formula. The computational value that calculates formula and be identical of actual measurement value are gotten very good. The life that the 2nd technology destroys to fall in the circumstance of additional stress forecasts a technology. Forecast according to what fuel infuses a volume, the influence that computation gains active the sources of energy, active bulk comes analytic destroy a process, the long-term life active in forecasting biology fuel finally is changed. Can be opposite all sorts of elements such as sort of temperature, stress, fuel, mixture rate, calculate an impact mensurably. Previously according to benzine alone or biology fuel is alone the data of actual measurement undertakes life is forecasted, but both because mixture after is phyletic various, mixture rate is complex, very difficult actual measurement is all circumstance. because of such, treasure manage is plastic it is a foundation in order to destroy the speed theory of the process, establish forecast a technology. Forecast according to true life undertake designing, can use effectively plastic. Today the security of after car will be more important, quicken ceaselessly as the progress of globalization, the sort of fuel and mixture ratio are led also more diversification, this one technology today the effect with after general bigger play. Treasure manage is plastic the data that studies first is polyformaldehyde colophony DURACON and alcohol benzine, but, this one technology not just applicable at these two kinds of material, colophony of ester of OK still and applicable Wu Ju, polyamide colophony. If be a liquid, if two kinds mix fuel, the fuel of what appearance is OK and applicable. From this angle consideration, this technology is OK and applicable all sorts of fuel of the content of gives priority to with biology derv fuel origin Wu Sheng that Wu Jin after appears. The manage that occupy treasure is plastic introduce, this one domain needs to do many test originally, can reduce experimental frequency to be able to reduce the burden to the environment. The data that with a year above time has experimental ability gets previously, 20 days are controlled now can forecast, this one technology today after can apply more and more extensive. Advantage of nylon car gasoline tank is great nylon (PA) modified material has more superior mechanical performance, report property, be able to bear or endure chemical sex, hear resistance, wearability, be able to bear or endure await the characteristic such as gender and dimension stability, market development is rapid in recent years. Nylon density compares metallic stuff light 3-6 times, shape craft simple and specific power consumption is small. In industrial developed country, plastic fuel box already basically replaced metallic gasoline tank, but be in China, metallic gasoline tank still holds the proportion that comparative, and more use polyethylene gasoline tank, still achieve demand of higher fuel leak environmental protection hard at present, and place has with polyethylene comparative the amount still is imported from abroad. Accordingly, roll out material of high-powered modified nylon to produce monolayer to blow gasoline tank of model modified nylon with a future life, to Wu Zhongguo autocycle / the high speed of auto industry develops, have very important sense. General of Dongguan city idea 10 thousand projects are plastic limited company, be dedicated to the research at material of high-powered nylon modified and development all the time. 2008 the end of the year, meaning general 10 thousand roll out autocycle / car nylon blows model gas gasoline tank special feed, its are able to bear or endure outstandingly microtherm and fight benzine to permeated character to develop brand-new field, can blow the fabricating characteristics that model shapes, solved autocycle / the development bottleneck of auto industry. Compare with polyethylene, nylon material has higher integral performance, tensile strength is high double above, drawing model volume is one times higher, heat is out of shape temperature is high a few to about a hundred Celsius; The hydrocarbon such as the molecular structure of nylon and benzine kind the element has very big different, because this has good block,appear a gender. But, will common nylon uses as autocycle / car gas gasoline tank blows model material to return existence problem. On one hand, of common nylon fight although impact strength is pretty good, but with autocycle / the car lights what gasoline tank place asks to be in the Gao Kangchong that Gao Zhen bears to change a need below harsh climate condition especially the Gao Kangchong function below microtherm still has bigger difference. On the other hand, the viscosity that common nylon issues in melt condition is inferior, fuse-element intensity is poorer, incommensurate at blow model to shape. Accordingly, use nylon serves as blow model to shape monolayer autocycle / data of car fuel box, basically need to solve the problem of afore-mentioned two respects. Nextpage meaning general nylon of 10 thousand choices 6, nylon 66, nylon 6/66 copolymer serves as base makings, choose appropriate brand, norms and optimal combination to deserve to compare, add all sorts of modifier again, use distinctive mix modified technology in all, make go out to hold a car in the palm with Wu Ma / the material blowing model of car gas gasoline tank, the very good low temperature that has contented autocycle to Gao Zhen is moved and get used to freezing climate combats impact strength (in - the breach impact strength below 40 ℃ is 65-100kJ/m2) , and fight benzine admirably to pass through a gender (benzine appears 24h of · of excessive ≦ 2g/m2) ; Additional, material fuse-element viscosity is tall, have performance of superior the treatment that blow model, blow model when can satisfy different figure product to shape. Mix modified to have by Wu Gong adjust flexibility very well, meaning general 10 thousand OK also the special requirement according to specific client, special the performance that improves some aspect, in order to satisfy different need of the client. The polymer that do not have bittern " direct switch " new option applies at personal computer the connector on lead plane board, have very high demand to the function of material and treatment, if Gao Liu is moved gender, flame retardant, fight high fever to wait. Recently, PC lead plane board company of Samtec of connector world-class manufacturer and Taikena (Ticona) joint development gives new-style connector. Of Taikena do not contain haloid Celanex XFR thermoplastic polyester product, can satisfy contactor to wait make pair of function and a demand of environmental protection sex. Increase by what company of peaceful family offer offers model Celanex XFR 6842 is thermoplastic polyester (PBT) product, be opposite except special needle outside connector utility, more offer " direct switch " solution: Can replace directly contain haloid flame retardant and aggregate products to taste so. Rising process capability and hold primary product property while, showed the attention of opposite condition environmental protection. "We are dedicated to be being had at what be a client offer a solution with new-style environmental protection product, " Samtec company whole world supplies chain director Mark Baumann to say, "Base the firsthand experience that commercializes product test and patternmaking respect to having at us, we upgrade to using edition the Celanex XFR that do not have bittern is thermoplastic direct switch has polyester bromine is changed thermoplastic polyester material is confident. " the component that markets to going up at the market, samtec company already proved Celanex XFR is thermoplastic bromine of OK and direct switch changes polyester thermoplastic polyester. High company is used increase model Celanex XFR is thermoplastic polyester, the success shapes in mould of a 8 acupuncture point give 5 inches of connector with a kind of extremely tall difficulty. "Taikena's Celanex XFR is thermoplastic polyester product offerred the market to accept for Samtec company degree tall, be not halogenate, fine of V-0 class Bo increases thermoplastic polyester, direct switch bromine is changed thermoplastic polyester product, " Michelle Brand of manager of client of whole world of peaceful family offer says, "Use existing tool, the connector that Samtec company produces can satisfy identical function requirement, include systole and warp dimension and insert unplug force asks. " the Celanex XFR that company of peaceful family offer makes is thermoplastic polyester series has increase and be not enhance form product, have the fluidity that changes fire retardant series to produce category to be like with bromine and tenacity. Celanex XFR is thermoplastic polyester item category can help a client accord with harmful material is restricted and discard as useless the requirement of product code, like RoHS (harmful material bans the electron in electric product be restricted to use a statement) with WEEE (discard as useless the electron is electric the product dictates) . Be not halogenate at the highest function that making work at present relatively flame retardant polyester product, the new Celanex that used patent XFR system is thermoplastic polyester series product has the following advantage: In machining a process, do not have migratory, carry without terminal or line in use process corrode; Avirulent sex, caustic gas is discharged when combustion; As flame retardant as halogenate systematic photograph is compared, density is lower; Good mechanical performance, shape make a function rise; Admirable electric with social estate of heating power property (tall photograph has mark than leakage of electricity index and glowing silk index) ; Lubricious sex of admirable manage to make do and color stability. Brand says: "The positive result that Samtec company place obtains proves, need short time only move adjust, celanex XFR is thermoplastic polyester series product can be used by direct switch, what have for the client is thermoplastic polyester product was offerred without halogenate solution. " the scuttle of type of alternate of panoramic, layer that the polycarbonate car window that has exceedingly good wearability produces as batch and the raw material of fixed side pane, polycarbonate has been applied extensively at automobile industry. Ester of You Wuju carbonic acid is light at traditional glass material, have higher design to be spent freely, and fight disintegrate function outstanding, it also is the good raw material of car after pane at the same time. In domain of this one application, need of car window surface is taller be able to bear or endure blow wearability, in washing process of wiper of car, use windshield, maintain in good health, prevent thereby by Wu Che window surface wears away exterior visibility is damaged. Accordingly, science and technology of the material that do obeisance to ear (the special requirement that the technical service center of Bayer MaterialScience) raised wiper of a windshield technically to so that satisfy this all to use a field,check in the light of this. "The Taber wear-resisting that asks at the place in the regulation relatively checks, this test can make us truer, more accurate the pressure that wiper of the windshield in ground imitate and emersion reality brings to bear on on car window. " surface of glass of automobile of polycarbonate of science and technology of the material that do obeisance to ear improves explanation of domain expert Dr. Frank Buckel to say, "Leave the gain that wearability checks by right of these windshield wiper action, we extended the service combination that regards BayVision as one part, offer more to serve an item for systematic supplier and automobile industry. " the Taber experiment of ASTM D 1044 (DIN 52347) is two replete corundum the platen of bead presses the experiment object that Wu Xuan turns to go up with formulary active force. "This reproduces the pressure that in mirrorring a car to be run normally, gets very hard. " Buckel is commented on, "In new test system, we have besmear the experiment sheet that needs to check coating to undertake fixed, make be used of business blow water piece wiper in thin plate with the active force of 20g/cm2 the after before going up moves, floating rate is 14cm/s. Be used to each by what use wiper at the driver not identical, this experiment also can undertake be adjustmented accordingly. " for example, this experiment can be in male dry or moisture, have or do not have standard bilge (ISO 6255) undertake below the condition. Trial test proof, the car window of coating of alkyl of oxygen of Tu Youju silicon is in suffer corrupt after, use wiper undertakes wet brush, although blow water via two of wiper piece chafe 30 thousand times repeatedly after, the mist record that also won't produce naked eye to be able to be inspected changes. To detect the correlation between all sorts of experiment conditions in lab wiper test and actual use condition, special setting is returned in the experiment the wiper testing stand of car window wears a polycarbonate after that tries large area with Wu Ce. The experiment proves, wiper is not used in Taber test, cannot provide reliable data to the true wearability of window of car of the polycarbonate when actual travel. Window of this kind of car includes side window and panoramic scuttle. For this, the experiment thin plate that does obeisance to ear to use Tu Youshang coating assembles Wu Che to support, it is inside 3 years of many time, wash a car every week, do not use the protection material of and so on of the candle that be like a car. The experiment shows, with plasma surface coating photograph of wet besmear craft is compared, step a plan the AS 4000 of Inc. of new and high material gets together system of silicon oxygen alkyl, have more outstanding wearability. Although pass 150 wash a car for many times, the window of modular clone car that besmear has AS 4000 also did not appear visible mist shape changes. Tu Youchun gets together the polycarbonate car window that the batch of coating of silicon oxygen alkyl produces, use 6 years many effectively and achieve 12.

The after of travel course of development of 50 thousand kilometer, still have good wearability. CNC Milling CNC Machining