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Machine tool model: Machining center of horizontal of German HELLER BEA-2 controls a system formerly: Electric machinery of servo of SIEMENS 611A of system of special numerical control of UNI-PRO NC 80C reachs the state before drive transforms: Work of numerical control system is not steady, fault rate is high, treatment cannot realize DNC function when complex part. Machine tool parameter: X axis: 800mmY axis: 630mmZ axis: Axis of 630mm knife library: Axis of 52 revolving stage: 0-360 ° workbench: Electric machinery of 630500 main shaft: 36Kw transforms program: Drive of former servo of NUM1060M system reservation and drive of axis of original owner of reservation of servo electric machinery and main shaft electric machinery transform the effect: The machine tool after transforming runs stability, achieve the requirement of the user completely, increased the function such as four-axle linkage, online treatment, make the size range of pipe bent of the machine tool increases apparently, the operation is more convenient. NUM system function applies: 1.

The staff that maintains an interface 2.

Online treatment function (DNC) 3.

The PLC of pallet changer is controlled 4.

Inside buy software of 2 dimension CAM (PROFILE)5.

PLC program is online show 6.

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