Divide the CNC Machining of spare parts of lamina of form of characters or letters

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Blade is the crucial part that turbine, hydraulic turbine controls the apparatus such as steam engine, propeller. Of blade model the working result that the quality of the face affects blade directly, affect overall character of service directly then. As a result of blade model the face is complex dimensional curved surface, it is the difficulty in blade treatment all the time so, the occurrence of high-powered CAM software, make this is planted complex model the treatment of the face becomes relatively easy. The article is passed to some model the modelling of blade and numerical control process designing, make everybody right blade kind the knowledge that the CNC Machining process of the spare parts has a whole. One, material of lamina of blade structure characteristic is 30CrMnSiA, after classics heat treatment, its strength is quite great, and look from the structure of the spare parts, of tailing edge guide round radius is only 0.

1mm, the Bao Bi that belongs to a model, easy generation treatment is out of shape, if pursue,1 is shown. The curved surface part of blade is decided by 7 sectional data, each lamina is sectional between twist is bigger, because work in the fluid, so the itself of curved surface is mixed between curved surface and Xie Bing transfer the Guang Shuncheng of the face spends a requirement taller, raised very tall requirement to CNC Machining precision. Graph the summary of model of 1 lamina substance according to the author, the treatment technological process of blade is shown 2 times like the graph. Graph 2 treatment technological process 2, the demand lamina with the CAD modelling different basis of blade can express to be curved surface model, hypostatic model, feature model, curved surface model applies to CNC Machining, hypostatic model can be used at geometrical parameter analysis, diagnostic model can be used at design, treatment, product management compositive. The curved surface model that builds blade is its are in the requirement with the basiccest model, it is to build hypostatic model further, building diagnostic model is the demand of higher administrative levels on manufacturing management. The sectional data that provides according to the design is different, blade curved surface can be divided for straight grain face and free curved surface, its modelling method also differs somewhat. This lamina belongs to lamina of free curved surface, molding process is more complex, and demand of its treatment precision is higher also. Its design data is to press a few sectional give out, individually sectional a group of to be axes with hub axes homocentric and columnar faces, data develops plane for columnar face, edge spring line is horizontal way to give out. Cent of process of curved surface molding spreads out space of construction of each paragraphs of curve inside plane, editor for construction sectional line, tectonic curved surface and face of R of intermediate zone region are built wait for 4 measure. 1.

Design of tectonic and flat curve is given the curve that data spreads out plane sectionally to go up for each value, planar line is by curve of curve of face of blade, back of leading edge, leaf, tailing edge 4 paragraphs of curves are comprised. Line of cover of its middle period and foliaceous back line are free curve, leading edge, tailing edge is a paragraph of circular arc. Will given in data input software, use 3 rank the batten curve that NURBS curve connects Cheng Guangshun, as a result of before, curve of tailing edge place is circular arc, curve of joint of curve of back of face of blade, leaf is likely not only suitable. Flow in what high speed rotates in field, to blade model the face has very high demand, can affect the fluid power performance of blade otherwise, 4 paragraphs of curves are in reason photograph joint asks to keep successive, if pursue,3 are shown. Graph   of 3 each sectional and flat curves 2.

After tectonic and sectional line gets flat curve, according to blueprint given data is calculated its helix angle, through rotating, twine, get each sectional space sectional curve, if pursue,4 are shown. Graph   of 4 each sectional space curve 3.

Tectonic curved surface by earning each are sectional modelling of curved surface of face of face of the face of blade that the line passes scanning operation to be able to get blade, leading edge, foliaceous the reverse side, tailing edge. Because ask 4 pieces of curved surface are smooth connective, it is so in scanning operation, to generated curved surface limitation is in attrib border place and photograph adjacent curved surface are tangent, and as a result of,exist possibly in molding process of sectional line not smooth, sectional line amount is too little, sectional line change is irregular, the choice is impertinent to choosing way together wait for a reason to bring about final curved surface to happen not only suitable, screwy phenomenon, so need adjusts data ceaselessly dot and to choosing way together, a future life becomes the curved surface of high quality. Generates curved surface is shown 5 times like the graph. Graph 5 lamina curved surface gets eligible lamina after each curved surface models, still need to use a part of a historical period a bit end panel of bottom of face, lamina undertake to its clipping is operated, get each curved surface of complete lamina finally. 4.

Blade and petiole, leading edge and tailing edge intermediate zone region is in the modelling lamina of region and petiole intermediate zone is on the design by become round angle gauge law transfers glossily. Intermediate zone region is along blade and other transfer tangently what each curved surface hand in a line to make with curved surface of the both sides that cross a line curved surface, have attrib border and tangent restriction with a lot of curved surface, because this is tectonic,intermediate zone region is more complex process. Region is this lamina intermediate zone become round horn transfers, can change rule of round character change to the edge to transfer what the line shows phasing should be nodded beforehand transfer round character cost, repass transfers face operation gets horn transfers becoming round face. What blade gets after cutting down each gotten curved surface through suture is hypostatic. 3, of blade CAM machines   1.

The coordinate department of the affirmatory   UG that coordinate fastens includes coordinate of world coordinate system, job coordinate of department, treatment is. The requirement when general CNC Machining machines coordinate department and working coordinate department to agree, working coordinate department is decided by craft, in the according to craft demand in the treatment of blade, the node that chooses fiducial aperture axes and petiolar axes fastens to machine coordinate at 0 o'clock. 2.

The milling cutter sort that the machine tool of choice numerical control of cutting tool uses includes: Pan Xi knife, establish head of milling cutter, ball to establish etc of milling cutter of milling cutter, ball head awl to shape knife. All sorts of cutting tool have its different use. Because this lamina introduces modular forging semifinished product, allowance is relatively even, the treatment of reason outline uses 12 crop to establish milling cutter, model the treatment of the face considers to transfer the curvature size of the face, use milling cutter of 12 balls head to finish so. 3.

The sets parameter of   CNC Machining setting that machines parameter is more, basically include to install speed of main shaft rotate speed, feed taking a knife, step pitch, mental allowance, direction taking a knife and means of knife of advance and retreat to wait. Cutting parameter includes cutting rate (main shaft rotate speed) , feed speed, step pitch and mental allowance. Below the condition that the stiffness that the choice target of parameter of the cutting when CNC Machining is the durability in cutting tool and machine tool, clamping apparatus and workpiece allows, precision is machined in what assure a spare parts while, achieve the oldest material purify rate. Before to program, two parameter must decide cutting width and cutting deepness come down, and cutting speed and feed speed can be adjusted according to the fold of the machine tool. Accordingly, the function that reachs a machine tool according to the durability of the cutting function of workpiece material, cutting tool above all joins the case of thick finish machining, decide radial cutting width and axial deepness, in order to achieve the biggest cutting efficiency, distinguish according to semifinishing machining and finish machining in the treatment of blade choice. Through consulting relevant data and actual cutting contrast fumble gave reasonable cutting dosage. 4.

The treatment lamina of blade shape face face is free curved surface, because semifinished product is modular forging, need to have semifinishing machining and precision work only so. Fundamental: Generate according to wanting the appearance of treatment above all slant buy side, because blade face is the curved surface that passes clip, parameter direction and wanted treatment way are so abhorrent, because this need undertakes new construction. In module of treatment of UG fixed axis, to the treatment of blade shape face, the method that uses face drive normally will undertake, the OK and agile bulk that controls drive aspect will dominate the volume that processes area, still can control the dot entering a knife of cutting tool and step pitch, take knife way, means taking a knife, achieve very good treatment result. To semifinishing machining, use step pitch to be 1mm, two-way take a knife, have taller treatment efficiency so. To finish machining, use step pitch for 0.

3mm, one-way take a knife, the exterior quality of such treatment is good. The cutting tool contrail of finish machining face of blade is shown 6 times like the graph. Graph   of contrail of cutting tool of 6 lamina face 5.

Transfer of the face of treatment lamina shape of the face and petiolar place transfer the face is change R curved surface, the parameter direction with shape face is abhorrent, and want a foundation surplus circumstance is statified treatment, because this cannot be in when shape face treatment,treatment is finished, need uses special transition curved surface machine program. Transfer the means that the treatment of the face can use much Dao Qinggen undertakes, but the result of cutting tool method that columnar to foliaceous root ministry face produces is bad, just undertake machining with line drive means normally so. Fundamental is: First the requirement according to treatment surface surface roughness, make drive line, next umbriferous arrive to be machined apparently, generate treatment contrail. Means is machined with fixed axis in UG, use line drive to undertake. The method slants to be in the curve of the way of cutting tool center that a need makes on buy side, use line drive means to choose each curve next, umbriferous to transfer on the face, generate treatment contrail. If pursue,7 are shown. Graph 7 transfer the cutting tool contrail of the face 4, treatment is emulated to shorten with postposition processing the program is debugged cycle and in avoiding effectively to be machined actually cut a phenomenon too, in doing treatment to emulate the choice has the software of function of machine tool guiding principle, or use UG software system to undertake machining emulation, call three-dimensional model to make semifinished product, use generated numerical control program to undertake imitate is machined, can see intuitionisticly interfere and cut a phenomenon too, modify a program in time, saved many time so, avoided the waste of cutting tool. After cutting tool way is made in UG software, undertake postposition is handled, generate practicable of numerical control machine tool thereby NC code. Reach numerical control system because of structure of different numerical control equipment each are not identical, need configures postposition transaction file technically, the author uses the PostBuilder tool that UG software provides, the work out gives applicable postposition transaction file, get successfully use. 5, the research of the CNC Machining method that the last word adopts pair of lamina, better settlement the quality that batch of this spare parts produces and efficiency problem, aborning obtained very good result. The process designing method of the lamina that the article puts forward, be opposite not only blade kind the modelling of the spare parts and treatment, right also other and free curved surface kind process designing has the numerical control of the spare parts to draw lessons from a meaning certainly. CNC Milling CNC Machining