Difficult be out of shape plank is complex appearance component is agglutinant technology of medium pressure figuration

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Board member has larger proportion in industrial domain, its figuration is made is one of main processing technique tasks. Make horizontal progress as equipment, raised taller requirement to the performance characteristics of board member, producibility. With respect to material character, to alloy of high strenth heat-resisting (like alloy of nickel radical high temperature) reach low plasticity light qualitative alloy (like aluminium alloy) it is difficult to wait be out of shape the demand of material is increasing, figuration production technology should develop quickly quite in order to get used to the application of new material. With respect to board member appearance character, the abnormity that has special function effect is complex appearance spare parts increasingly grow in quantity, do one's best lowers rate of fission group solder, raise integral figuration to make a standard, reduce welding line, raise the utilization reliability of the spare parts. Decrease with respect to equipment heavy with raise performance characteristics and character, below the premise that asks in contented design, can reduce component part wall thick, reduce component part weight, sufficient play already had the applied latent capacity of mature material, rise light quantify component part but figuration makes a gender, be helpful for rising aero push compare character. the exterior quality with respect to the spare parts, ground of utmost of do one's best reduces exterior blemish, reduce or avoid the quality hidden trouble that fabricating brings, the fatigue life that improves equipment, use dependability. Afore-mentioned demand make already figuration makes a technology facing a challenge, make property to raise figuration of plank spare parts, get used to the requirement of spare parts performance characteristics and dependability, shorten new material application is periodic, it is much breed, small lot, difficult to solve be out of shape plank and figuration of complex form component create technical problem, urgent need develops new figuration technology. 90 time metaphase develops 20 centuries the figuration of agglutinant medium pressure that rise (Viscous Pressure Forming, VPF) better land got used to this kind of demand, abroad is in to this technology the application of domain of spaceflight, aviation, car had thorough research, already developed forming machine of pressure of 13000kN agglutinant medium. The fundamental sex that domestic Harbin Institute of Technology took the lead in developing this technology and applied sex study, already obtained better positive result, solved key of new and high project to make a technology, already waited for project of the implementation in aircraft development to turn application in axis of gush of eddy fan, eddy, eddy, punch, sufficient report gives the distinct advantage that this technology place has and applied value and potential. VPF principle is agglutinant medium pressure figuration (VPF) it is the technology of figuration of a kind of plank that offerred 1992 [1] . Depend on with the substaintial distinction that already had figuration method, figuration of agglutinant medium pressure uses the half solid state, material that can flow and has certain viscosity and rate sensitivity to regard punch as material, call agglutinant medium. Agglutinant medium is different from the liquid pressure source that hydraulic forming uses, do not accord with Pascal (Pascal) mensurable, the pressure field that the agglutinant medium place below condition getting power forms can appear blame is even distributing, make board the agglutinant medium pressure that preform gets is OK dispute is even; As a result of sensitivity of agglutinant medium rate, field of agglutinant medium pressure can suit oneself at board of preform be out of shape and change; The agglutinant medium that has agglutinant feature not only right board preform brings to bear on to press stress, and of surface of edge board preform tangential direction brings to bear on agglutinant and adherent stress, tangential and agglutinant adherent stress makes board preform is in better stress position, be helpful for be out of shape change equably; Agglutinant medium also is different from solid state punch (wait like balata of metal, polyurethane) , the means to load that has property of some half solid state to be able to use infuse and discharge, agglutinant medium can pass control in figuration process infuse and discharge, get controllable is not field of pressure of even and agglutinant medium. Agglutinant medium includes figuration course from beginning to end Fu is in board preform surface, bring to bear on controllable suits oneself at board preform metabolic is not even pressure field (to press stress and tangential and agglutinant adherent stress) , make board the control that preform is out of shape course material flows becomes a possibility, of plank figuration sex rise had the way that can carry out, this conduces to increase board member (especially difficult treatment material) figuration makes a gender [1-3] . Agglutinant medium is OK in figuration process action at board preform a side, perhaps be in two side at the same time to load, pass infuse and the adjustment that discharge order and speed, control is in board the pressure of preform surface distributings and size, match with control of the power that approach a limit at the same time, make board preform is below agglutinant medium pressure and the harmonious action of the force that approach a limit the spare parts appearance that figuration asks for place, principle of process of figuration of agglutinant medium pressure is shown 1 times like the graph [1] . Graph 1 for board preform two side to load is agglutinant at the same time medium circumstance, agglutinant medium pressure and between the force that approach a limit the key that matching control is technology of figuration of agglutinant medium pressure. Use agglutinant medium to serve as punch, fill the blank that material of half solid state regards punch as, formed solid state → liquid state of → of half solid state is successive the choice of material of punch of states of matter. 1 agglutinant medium chooses VPF characteristic wide agglutinant medium can choose limits commonly material of high polymer polymer is like silicon balata kind etc, if American C-11, C-12 is mixed,get together homebredly alkyl of oxygen of 2 methylic silicon [2, 4] . Agglutinant medium feels effect to nondestructive of surface of plank spare parts, can repeat use. Agglutinant medium is opposite figuration process board preform surface has lubricant effect, very advantageous to pressing an edge to encircle positional board preform to flow, avoid the generation of the blemish such as exterior nick, abrade, quality of spare parts surface maintains or approach level of Yu Yuan preform [4-6] . Agglutinant medium interpose is mixed at solid state between liquid state, have wider choice range quite with liquid and solid punch material. When agglutinant medium viscosity is inferior, figuration of agglutinant medium pressure is similar to hydraulic forming; When agglutinant medium viscosity is taller, with close of rigid punch figuration; Sex of figuration of pressure of agglutinant to plank medium has the property of agglutinant medium very big impact. Use two kinds of viscosity to be agglutinant medium of 10000Pa · S and 5000Pa · S respectively, process of bulging of pressure of agglutinant to AA2008-T4 plank medium undertakes finite yuan of analysis (show 2 times like the graph) , the corresponding wall when viscosity is 5000Pa · S is large the biggest decrease weak position to be located in a center to be in, and the wall when viscosity is 10000Pa · S is large the biggest decrease weak position to be transferred be apart from a center to make an appointment with 25mm to be in [2] , the component to certain material the agglutinant medium that should choose appropriate viscosity. 2 agglutinant medium fill up quality precision of dimension of figuration of good, component is tall of agglutinant medium but fluidity makes board preform figuration process fills up the gender is good, especially the complex form component of curved surface of small to having radius, figuration sticks modular sex precision of good, dimension is tall [6-8] . Compare polyurethane balata figuration, compare with photograph of polyurethane balata figuration, of polyurethane balata finite be out of shape the limit was restricted fill up quality, do not agree with have take shape of member of board of curved surface of smaller part diameter. The aircraft comparatives the part is complex board member by rubber pocket hydraulic forming, but it is difficult that very large to figuration fall component part is. To rigid punch figuration, the relative position precision between protruding, sunken model can restrict figuration of component of precision of more expensive measure; If have wait for span, differ the moire state member of curved surface of diameter of height, local smaller part (show 3 times like the graph) , local the part of plank of abnormity curved surface that has appearance mutation (show 4 times like the graph) etc, and use agglutinant medium to be able to succeed ground figuration gives these parts. The rate sensitivity of agglutinant medium makes board the agglutinant medium pressure that preform place gets suits oneself at oneself be out of shape, developing good fill up quality while, to board the spring back of preform, screwy, warp have very good inhibition, avoided appearance and dimension flaw. This to high strenth material (be like alloy of nickel radical high temperature) , large size is ultrathin the wall is large (0.


5mm) of quality of spare parts figuration rise very advantageous [6-7] . Nextpage3 agglutinant medium can control board local decrease thin, reduce spring back the agglutinant character of agglutinant medium makes board preform surface gets the action of tangential and agglutinant adherent stress, be equivalent to surface of edge board preform bringing to bear on tensile, be helpful for board preform flows into mould antrum, place of other figuration technology does not have this, this complex to low plasticity and appearance board member figuration makes a gender rise very beneficial. Board the stress that condition of this kind of stress alleviates or avoids end ministry centers preform, figuration mural profound change is minor. To the graph 3 medium component, board preform falls in the action of tangential and agglutinant adherent stress, material manages flow to curved surface of smaller part diameter, be helpful for diameter of local smaller part (≤ 2.

0mm) curved surface figuration, make a wall large very thin (0.


5mm) component part can come true to wait for mural thick figuration nearly (reduction ≤ 4% ) . And to rigid punch figuration, rigid punch gradually with board preform contact, form local drawing, bring about stress concentration, appear local neck shrinks phenomenon [4, 10] . Want reasonable allocation to figuration of component part of body of a flight of stairs board the flow of preform, normally steel punch figuration uses many second take shape, and it is OK to use take shape of agglutinant medium pressure one pace take shape, match a relation through optimizing those who control edge force and pressure of agglutinant medium infuse, control plate makings flows, precision of figuration component dimension is tall, exterior quality is better. The component part of body of a flight of stairs that uses the material of figuration of agglutinant medium pressure to be antirust aluminium is shown 5 times like the graph, although what use aluminium alloy outspread rate and tensile strength inferior, spring back is bigger, but thick to the wall for 1.

The figuration component of 0mm, the wall is large distributing relatively even, dimension precision is taller. The component of organic and transparent material of figuration of agglutinant medium pressure is shown 6 times like the graph, it is to ply 1.

The preform of 0mm, can achieve older rate be out of shape, the component after be out of shape still has very good transparency, overcame other figuration method to produce the defect of adverse effect to transparency. The distinct advantage of figuration of agglutinant medium pressure is model face curvature change is big, cannot integral figuration is made, only the figuration of component part whole at solder of fission figuration group offerred have the aid of condition, raised utilization reliability and reduced process. If the graph is shown 7 times,change of unit dimension diameter compares component part of large abnormity curved surface, original production method is first fission figuration, combine next solder. Figuration of agglutinant medium pressure but whole figuration, profound change of spare parts wall is minor. Process of figuration of agglutinant medium pressure board preform falls in action of tangential and agglutinant adherent stress, conduce to preform is flowed into and fill up curvature changes bigger model antrum. Tangential and agglutinant adherent stress rises along with the accretion of agglutinant medium pressure, to the figuration of member of different intensity board, can control its bulk through agglutinant medium pressure. Nextpage4 agglutinant medium easily sealed and form can dominate high-pressured field the main technique index that agglutinant medium pressure is technology of figuration of agglutinant medium pressure, obtain higher pressure to be able to undertake controlling in figuration process, it is the requirement that figuration of spare parts of plank of contented and different intensity and project change application. As a result of agglutinant medium but fluidity, inside the look storehouse that process of figuration of agglutinant medium pressure is in the agglutinant medium of constant pressure condition to must place Yu Mi to seal, can mix with infuse discharge a system to join in order to be opposite of figuration board preform to load and uninstall. Accordingly, should consider agglutinant medium at least look storehouse and board storehouse of look of preform, agglutinant medium and infuse and discharge the interfacial seal between the system problem. Because the half solid state of agglutinant medium is characteristic, compare with hydraulic forming, interfacial seal comes true more easily, this needed higher agglutinant medium pressure to offer possibility to obtain and control figuration place. Carry an interface to the circle, use homebred and sealed cell, actuating pressure of the biggest figuration already achieved 160MPa; Carry interface of large size rectangle to be not a circle, use data of homebred low cost, on the dimension interface of 800mm × 80mm, actuating pressure of the biggest figuration already achieved 80MPa[11-13] . Reachs technical target was figuration of spare parts of plank of high strenth, complex form and industrial application to offer a condition, the project influences the flight parts of an apparatus such as axis of gush of the eddy fan that satisfies a development completely, eddy, eddy, punch applied need. Because pressure control or figuration fail,the agglutinant medium that spill over can reclaim, nonexistent pressure is controlled or figuration failure leak splatters the problem that creates manufacturing site to be polluted apparently. Foundation and application study 1 plank is agglutinant the bulging of agglutinant medium pressure of LY12CZ of sex of medium pressure figuration and contrast of hydraulic pressure bulging experiment to make clear as a result, height at ultimate load of test specimen of bulging of agglutinant medium pressure rose 12.

2% (like the graph 8 are shown) , it is better that meet an emergency distributings [13-14] . Al6111-T4 material is agglutinant medium pressure bulging and bulging of rigid hemisphere punch are finite yuan the analysis shows bulging of agglutinant medium pressure was improved thick the uniformity that distributings to meet an emergency, if the graph is shown 9 times (μ is coefficient of friction) [15] . The element such as the agglutinant and adherent force of agglutinant medium and agglutinant medium viscosity, pressure is concerned, agglutinant and adherent force is right bulging of agglutinant medium pressure of the influence of reduction finite yuan the analysis makes clear (show 10 times like the graph) , as agglutinant medium viscosity elevatory, reduction is reduced; After viscosity is worth certainly more than, decrease thin serious instead [13-14] . Viscosity option is very accordingly important. Pratt of United States of 2 application research&Whitney company (Boeing) manufactured component part of the wainscot inside nozzle (Nozzle Inner Panel) material is Inconel718SPF, the wall is large for 0.

76mm. This company and American Ohio establish university collaboration, while to plank of alloy of nickel radical high temperature figuration makes a gender consider, to aluminium alloy (wait like 6061-O, 6111-T4, 2008-T4) , the figuration of agglutinant medium pressure of AKDQ of dark strong steel and excel in steel made a gender have thorough research. In American national defence advanced research plans bureau (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, DARPA) support and aid financially below, pratt&Whitney company (Boeing) established university collaboration to develop forming machine of pressure of two acting agglutinant medium with American Ohio, its tonnage is 6000kN respectively (generation) with 13000kN (the 2nd generation) , the application that is technology of figuration of agglutinant medium pressure thereby and thorough research provided very good hardware basis [16-18] . Home, group of task of author of Harbin Institute of Technology developed alloy of nickel radical high temperature large size, ultrathin wall is large light quantify figuration of component part whole; Aluminium alloy is bigger component of thin wall of form of fall a flight of stairs is close wait for the research such as mural thick figuration, obtained certain revolutionary positive result, solved aerospace to create some key problem of the technology, already accredit invents patent 7, already applied at the aircraft development such as axis of gush of eddy fan, eddy, eddy, punch. The component part of curved surface of abnormity of alloy of some high temperature that integral figuration makes, welding line amount decreases 75% , production working procedure reduces 80% above. Component part of manufactures sex of function of large size high accuracy, asymmetrical component of heat insolation of local big drop is already successful with Yu Mou aircraft. The forming machine of pressure of 6500kN agglutinant medium of own research and development already realized a project to turn application [6-13, 19-24] . Conclusion and look into (1) the characteristic that figuration of agglutinant medium pressure uses place of new-style punch stuff to have, it is difficult to be producibility of thick uniformity of board member wall, complex form, high strenth and low plasticity treatment plank but quality of figuration production sex, surface and decrease heavy light quantified the problem that waits for aerospace board member to make an attention to offer new settlement way. (2) application of figuration of agglutinant medium pressure shows this skill as a result to difficult be out of shape large component part of complex form, Baobi and ultrathin wall makes board of the respect cannot replace a gender, already was in development of aircraft of axis of gush of eddy fan, eddy, eddy, punch implementation project turns application, indicate the huge advantage of this technology and applied potential. (3) figuration of component of component of curved surface of abnormity of complex to the aircraft three-dimensional axes, irregular curved surface, can make full use of the characteristic of figuration of agglutinant medium pressure, contented producibility and raise figuration to produce quality, reduce cost, overcome product measure precision low, quality (especially the surface) poor problem. (4) the important method that figuration of pressure of really agglutinant medium uses numeric copy. How can the characteristic of figuration of agglutinant medium pressure send brandish and specific application adequately, numerical value is emulated can give out quickly in the light of specific issue solution, what research and development sticks size distortion of figuration of sexual medium pressure and plank coupling is finite yuan of analysis software, it is this one technology can the main factor that faster, better land uses extensively. CNC Milling CNC Machining