Detect on the machine tool treatment precision

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Graph 1 active setting: It is OK that software tool Active Editor is passed in Renishaw company punctual, high quality and low cost producer are coming true in will measuring a program to insert machine program directly face, touching hairdo to measure a head to be able to be compared is to search only workpiece provides more support, that is to say, the geometrical precision that examines to already processed work directly on the machine tool has fundamental value likewise. Because, through this kind direct precision examines, can detect immediately the blemish of the mistake that gives process designing and cutting tool, and the undesirable consequence that machines a process. But, such detecting means often was not used, the reason is people feels work out program is too complex, perhaps lack reliance to the precision of the machine tool. However, the basic precision of the machine tool is the fundamental premise condition that machines nice spare parts. Accordingly, should use for example the instrument such as laser interferometer, fixed ground undertakes to the geometrical parameter of the machine tool (check) examine, to this kind of measure, renishaw (Www.


De) the company is recommended use laser interferometer system -- ML10 Gold Standard, additional, still answer to use QC10 circle measuring instrument to undertake examining regularly. Such, through the measurement that undertakes on the machine tool subsequently, the adjusting control that still is a process at the same time created a condition. And the measurement on 3 coordinate measuring instrument just shows whether the work that already processed accords with a requirement, use the influence that generates between resolution machine tool, cutting tool and process impossibly. If measure the treatment error that gave work, also reach hard the real reason that causes error, accordingly, it is in the outcome that measures from this kind cannot reach reliably appropriate or of necessary correction step. Graph 2 identify the job: If OMP400 touchs hairdo to measure a head to determine on the machine tool directly,the dimension of workpiece is opposite of the machine tool measure the task to machine tool respect measure the task, basically can have 4 kinds of typical user demands: ◆ is right merely workpiece undertakes searching or the measurement of cutting tool; ◆ undertakes according to blueprint a few accessary measure the task, measure a loop compositive in order flow, undertake controlling to treatment according to measuring an outcome, simple output measures an outcome; ◆ is all measure the task direct and complete compositive in machine program, undertake controlling to treatment according to measuring an outcome, according to program of CAD data authorized strength, emulate through the graph undertake colliding examining, with form means output measures an outcome; The to workpiece geometry precision after ◆ is machined undertakes examining, undertake process designing according to CAD data, emulate through the graph undertake colliding examining, undertake statistic, analysis and processing to measured value, express with form means and graphical means and analyse a result. For this, the measurement of Renishaw company the program package that the technologist offerred a few kinds of in the light of diverse demand designs, if the user just wants to search workpiece and measure cutting tool, so, measure a program what should use wide already popularity to wrap circularly in the light of pilot. Use this program bag, to workpiece search to be able to undertaking process designing very simply conveniently with the measurement of cutting tool. Using control precision to replace is to examine only precision is in Renishaw company, pass software a group of things with common features -- the machine tool that Productivity need not rely on place to use controls a system, and in the graph interactive below support, all measurement of very simple work out milling machine program, when work out program, pass Active Editor and along with of Active Editor Pro additional the input of CAD data, with in measure all workpiece program and cutting tool to measure a program to bring into machine program. From this, these programs can pass the direct feedback that measures an outcome to realize the adjustment of the process. This can revise the data of the coordinate system of the machine tool and cutting tool not only, and according to these data, going up to still can realize logical choice automatically somehow, the directive that does not need to need to be aimed at control undertakes discriminating. Press this means, this kind simple with distinct regular structure, also make the user can not use a few special NC statements, need not have the detailed knowledge of program structure respect. For this, operation interface was offerred book a value suitably and whether did the examination realize all indispensable inputs. Connect those who cross postposition processor to move only, ability generation goes out program and choose pilot statement in the light of place. Consequently, when machine tool treatment plans to alternate suddenly, adjust each parameter accurately in that way like retrorse changeover. Have the aid of can simplify further not only at version of CAD input Active Editor Pro process designing, and express thoroughly to measure movement, reach the measurement that includes collision to examine inside is emulated. This kind is emulated still consider clamp tool. Graph 3 be clear at a glance: With the software OMV of Delcam company joint development, it is OK to be nodded through color see treatment deviation. Determine and record precision to be after treatment, examine to be directly on the machine tool appearance, examine complex or large work, renishaw company and British Delcam (Www.


De) the CAD/CAM expert of the company has joint development Renishaw OMV software. Through clicking the feature of the CAD workpiece model of the input and surface, OMV software can produce what what need to measure an order, if Active Editor offers those who agree with to be used actually to book a value, undertake when the input authentic sex checks. After data is inputted, the program shows a graph that measures an order to emulate, this was to increase an user to be opposite undoubtedly the reliance that measures process validity. Use to be in all measurement to just be based on resistor meet an emergency accurately highly up piece main shaft -- touch hairdo to measure a head, use the OMP400 with new compact structure for example, or measure a head through already touching hairdo via the MP700 of test and verify, undertake metrical to apparently dot, next the measuring instrument transmits data PC. Through special measurement computational method finishs the analytic processing of data, this kind of numeration and the measurement of 3 coordinate measuring instruments calculate the method is likeness, accordingly, usable also will measure complex free curved surface. For this, touch hairdo to measure head MP700 and OMP400 to need to undertake on all vector direction not only corrective, and receive can be on the horse on all vector direction undertake metrical. Such, special also improved cycle time significantly, because, every workpiece must want to have a few measurement point. According to CAD model, the OMV software of Renishaw company indicates a measures deviation not only, and still represent value of this kind of deviation with chromatic dot. These dot generation can judge the chromatic scheme of workpiece precision quickly, this offerred the numerous possibility that undertakes statistic analyses processing and the graph that measure an outcome to express. A group of measurement point can get used to CAD model (best and contented function) , when so that search in workpiece,choosing with datum mark, avoid to produce an error. So, workpiece is in before getting off from the machine tool, its error is to be able to undertake identify and undertaking an amendatory. Be in all sorts of differring to process the work below condition, examine the possibility of its dimension precision, save time not only, and also increased the reliance to treatment. CNC Milling CNC Machining