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Have media coverage, the foreign exchange reserve with current India exceeds 220 billion, negotiable securities index is amounted to at present record 20000 bits, GDP growing rate is amounted to 9.

4% , and predict a few years of henceforth in GDP may continue to carry such growing rate, invest to exceed 15 billion probably directly outside the condition, inflation is less than 5% , although oil price has bigger go up, but did not cause very big effect. During be worth India to celebrate 60 anniversary independence, the development state of affairs of each respect is adumbrative economy in a few years of henceforth still will grow with very rapid rate. Without doubt, at present Indian economy is in growth posture, and India will become one of main force in arena of international politics economy. International economist points out, india and China will be become next 40 ~ the huge country of two old economy of the Asia in 50 years. In environment of economy of 21 centuries whole world, the division of labor of labour force is apparent between Asian economy huge country. China is the hub of international manufacturing industry, and India is the world " logistics " the office, of technical responsible professional work and intellectual flow outside bag. Indian service industry shows bitter fleabane break out to exhibit, occupied the GDP of about 56% . And manufacturing industry is inferior to serving industry. Controlled 2008, india has not have any important roles in global manufacturing industry, nevertheless, compare with the circumstance photograph 7 years ago, develop now already more rapid. According to the introduction of economic expert, because home market is broader, worker technical ability tall, salary is relatively cheap, the circumstance has been changed somewhat now. Be wrapped beyond more and more transnational corporation and Indian company or the kind that collaboration builds a plant creates production treatment business. The company such as wood of Ford, contemporary, bell exports a car from India in great quantities. The company such as ABB, Shi Naide, Huoniweier and Xi Menzi has invested build a plant, manufacturing electron is electric product, input home and foreign market. 2006 to 2007 year, indian industry grows 11% , manufacturing industry grows 12% , promoted the growth that produces a material greatly, this year produced a data to grow 17.

7% . Although Indian manufacturing industry revives,still be in initial phase, but, apparent is, its growth will be very as different as China. Because the government supports manufacturer energetically, the world-class infrastructure construction that Chinese place has makes its have banner place in international manufacturing industry. Indian development should face international competition, build achieve new-style, high-tech to make industry (blame toy industry and running stores) , produce relatively expensive product through ceaseless improvement and innovation a future life. In this domain, laser technology can become material to machine the very practical technology in application truly, because this domain repeatedlies,need to use those to use the sophisticated technology of engineering field. Ongoing in exploration since 1992, have 380 employee, turnover to amount to the company of Sahajanand laser technology of 12 million (SLTL) the development that begins to be engaged in laser, it becomes the important machine supplier of Indian diamond industry gradually. It offers the numerical control of high-tech and laser technology, make India takes banner place in international gem and gem treatment industry. In this industry, automation is produced and the play of innovation sex had main effect. Current, a when this company place develops new-style fiber-optic laser system that is used at small plate cut has thrown a sale in Indian home, introduced an international market recently. 1996, SLTL company begins to establish Laser Cutting machine, in order to be used at the treatment of metallic thin plate, this company installed a lot of power to be the laser system of 2000 tile. But, because manufacturing industry progress is slow, the investment volume growth that because this is used at high cost,secures facility is very slow. In the meantime, because at present practicable plate did not reach level of laser beam machining, so, treatment process cannot get the product of high quality. In addition, as a result of the gas of unavailable tall purity, laser system appeared breakdown of a few maintenance. Nextpage1998 year, SLTL begins to begin to develop low power fiber-optic laser technology. Just began, this technology is to application is processed in diamond research and development. Be in subsequently 1999, it is introduced to surge optical mark / in carven application. After this, it is used at diamond to finalize the design processing (namely the nap process of diamond waist) . What apply as a result of this is successful, 2002, this company created department of research and development, the product that will be based on fiber-optic laser technology 2003, in application of Brahmastra devoted cut, because,this is, in Indian market, technology of use CO2Laser Cutting not be to one's profit. SLTL installed the first system formally 2005. India of this system in the vicinity of western formal installation is successful in the company of technology of M/s Lancer laser of Ahmedabad. This system has power to be the fiber-optic laser of 1 kilowatt, xi Menzi controller moves workbench with drive of ball guide screw. This system can the stainless steel of the mild steel of cut 8 Mm and 6 Mm. This company basically pursues the cut of small plate, in the production that plate can be used at machinery of car, switchboard, pharmacy and construction equipment. The 3 × of unit of trade of formula of double tray of the fiber-optic laser that the 2nd equipment contains 1 kilowatt and belt 1.

5 M workbench. This system installs a success at was in company of Sheet N Blanks 2006, it basically faces the client of Chennai. This company can process the stainless steel of the mild steel of 8 Mm and 6 Mm, the case that is used at memory, distribution board and Control Panel, UPS, equipment and fixed equipment, car, telegraphic product. If a company decides to whether purchase the two big factors of Laser Cutting system,locomotive cost and maintenance need. By And Large, fiber Laser Customers In India Think That The Fiber Laser Is Faster When Cutting Thin Materials, reliable, and Low In Maintenance And Total Cost Of Ownership.

At The Same Time They Believe There Are Opportunities For Further Improvement When It Comes To Higher-thickness Cutting.

Another takes 3 × 1.

The system of 1 kilowatt class of 5 M workbench installs a success at was in Acme Lasertech company Spring 2006. This company provides Laser Cutting service, be used at operation and medical treatment equipment, car, sell the product such as equipment of machine, pharmacy. The client buys the mean time between failure that the main reason of fiber-optic laser is fiber-optic laser to exceed 100 thousand hours. It can the stainless steel of the mild steel of cut 10 Mm, 6 Mm. Linear drive module last year in January, SLTL recommended the 1 kilowatt level that contains controller of Xi Menzi 840D C- and linear driver fiber-optic laser, the cut of this system and fixed position speed get rising further. Last year in June, this system is in M/s.

Company of Sakthi laser technology installs a success. Business of production of the auto industry that this company basically faces Indian southern part, distribution board and project kind manufacturer. The main payoff that the client chooses fiber-optic laser is a gender valence comparing is tall, fault rate is minor, the maintenance of need is little, with n province, final system must have can upgrade characteristic, can enhance power to 2 kilowatt from 1 kilowatt later. In September 2007, SLTL installed the linear drive that has double tray to exchange unit for company of industry of M/s Riddhi Siddhi. This company produces accurate plate component, basically face electric equipment industry. This is the first system of this company, so this company hopes to use latest technology, have at present the most reliable system, and operate as far as possible handy, needs maintenance is little. Considering the price war between the company of laser beam machining that is in place at present, should select the system with expensive cost effectiveness. And SLTL fiber-optic laser can be offerred more of economy run, cost is managing amount to 3 times above. As a whole, fiber-optic laser client of India thinks, fiber-optic laser is spent in material cut middling speed faster, more reliable, and needs maintenance is measured little, totle drilling cost is low. Meanwhile, they believe, fiber-optic laser still can get reforming further, thereby the plate with deeper cut. Article author Shaunak J.

Dave is the general manager of company of Sahajanand laser technology, his email address is: Davesj@sahajanandlaser.

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