Luoyang axis grinds a project is selected comfort achievement of 10 old science and technology

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2004 year Henan saves achievement of 10 old influential science and technology to was announced a few days ago, the enlarge of Zhan of " bearing nicety of Luoyang bearing institute and grinding exceed essence of life achievement of " of whole set of equipment is chosen. This project is main content with enlarge of bearing ferrule Zhan and technology of CBN grinding superfinishing, development goes those who suit industrialized production is medium machine of enlarge of Zhan of nicety of ferrule of large ball bearing, can save stuff 15% above, improve bearing life one times above; The grinding of ball bearing of small-sized high-quality goods of development exceeds essence of life automatic product line, can realize big batch automation to produce, integrated technology index reached home banner, international is advanced level, this project wins 8 practical and new-style patent. Personnel of have rendered great service of project of OEM of heavy award of versatile money tide dogs actively to encourage brainpower project, encourage deal with concrete matters relating to work of export business personnel to develop the market, versatile Qian Chao allotted award to report recently, project of outstanding to outstanding achievement of exit of on one year 8 international OEM adds up to reward more than yuan 60. Last year, product of versatile money wet gimbal exports delivery cost to grow 42 compared to the same period.

32% , export OEM business forehead to grow 77 among them.

88% . According to statistic, project of these 8 OEM realizes exit sale to amount to directly 1.

500 million multivariate. (Pick sign up for from Chinese industry) CNC Milling CNC Machining