Coder principle

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Total construction includes coder of contact axis horn roughly: Housing, encode dish, the part such as electrical outlet of output of axis of osculatory brush, decelerate orgnaization, input, signal (contact of the 1)JZB that be like a graph coder of horn of contact axis of principle of axial horn coder develops to be had now by the onefold breed of first for military use tens of, its distinctive function, low price, already got mechanical power, petro-chemical, coal is spun gently, the favour of the branch such as hydrology water and electricity, use extensively as the computer especially, its use distinctive function to be accepted by broad automation worker and take seriously more and more, got unprecedented rapid development, increasingly thorough our life, be in especially respect of the measurement of length, angle, control. This kind of instrument is taken seriously what code by horn of the axis that hit formula the advantage institute with clamour internal oneself decides to be to result from by people place: Cost of absolutely encode incapacity is complete 2 into smoke encode to be able to be identified by the computer. Span, resolution can control collect to detect with A/D changeover is an organic whole alleged contact axial horn coder, those who point to is coder encode information numerate, be by what will finish with the brush that piles up dish of contact, it and coder of photoelectricity sensor and magnetic induction type are same, it is the function that has angular displacement, length to detect, just distinguish somewhat in specific configuration and technical index respect. This kind of sensor, do not need to install power cut to maintain circuit, react at any time current condition, installation does not need to repeat zero, and direct number output, it is span can need to design according to the user. Structure of coder of contact axis horn is simple, install easily, debug and safeguard convenient, life to grow wait for an advantage more and more the value that shows its popularize application to go to the lavatory better the user choice, run-of-mill knowledge that uses this kind of sensor to introduce this coder here. CNC Milling CNC Machining