Equipment supplier is medical the industry offers clean chamber program

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In production medicine is packed, in the process of test tube or medical treatment component, what pollute and maintain treatment what produce an enterprise to must put an end to pair of plastic raw material strictly to carry an environment is clean. Besides the control that produces an environment, equipment also is an influence manufacturing treatment process is clean one of spent crucial factors. Those who satisfy clean room requirement mix about medical apparatus and instruments for burden solution the clean room of plastic raw material of respect of optical product production handles program, it is one of core advantages of Motan. Below most circumstance, the standard of Motan configures equipment to be able to have satisfied requirement of clean room technology. The part that contacts with raw material for example, the capable person that equipment chooses is stainless steel or glass character, go up in the design of sealed component even, avoid the contact of product and sealed component effectively, reduce contaminative risk, motan provides these the user as standard configuration. Besides groovy configuration, motan still is not aimed at clean room application to offer a variety of solutions especially. Plastic raw material " closed circuit " store the raw material that notional clean room uses stores the system must have appropriate central air to filter system. Hermetic seal, expect without shut-off valve of gaskets, metal and blame contact measure those who wait for a technology is integrated apply, form complete Motan together " closed circuit " store concept. Carry station of the makings on hermetic seal connective, include to install sucking makings box may adjustable the HEPA filter that sucks makings club to go up, be carry raw material the good plan that come out from inside makings bag. Filter is indispensable, even if the raw material that carries hermetic seal store also be such when the bucket. And use other attract stuff kind, in discharge process, raw material often can be polluted by outside airy, create raw material moisture absorption or other and possible pollution appearance easily. Type of hopper of dry Motan Hopper Loader sucks raw material of control of intelligent management system glassware takes clean room filter, convenient user cleanness and operation. Dry inadequacy or excessive metropolis bring about raw material product quality blemish. Going up to the dry problem of raw material, it is OK that through monitoring raw material dosage to come the DryingOrganizer intelligence of self-adjusting dry temperature does dry management system avoid dry inadequacy effectively or excessive and dry. In whole and dry process, the system must maintain an ideal dry temperature. In raw material dosage inferior circumstance falls, dryingOrganizer intelligence does dry management system to be able to reduce dry temperature automatically to be opposite in order to prevent of raw material damage. When production the process is interrupted by the accident, the system will reduce existing temperature quickly to arrive bide one's time state. The energy that the patent ETA-process® technology that Motan researchs to invent can achieve an optimum rate to fall is managing. Pass compositive the heat exchanger on dry bucket, can make full use of dry the quantity of heat in answering wind comes warm-up is dry into wind. Add DryingOrganizer intelligence to do the application of dry management system, managing the sources of energy reachs the user 40% . In implementation filtering to carry the manufacturing workshop that using clean room technology without dirt in the center of, the dust pollution that reduces plastic raw material to be caused in carrying a process is crucial. To achieve this one requirement, the transportation that Motan can reduce raw material rate arrives under 20 M/s. In addition, installation sucks the dimension screening case of the screen pack inside glassware to achieve 1200 μ in hopper type, pass central filter effectively to come out dust from the depart in raw material thereby. In the meantime, the suction that passes Motan expects box, can undertake clearing to duct line, ensure to expect without incomplete in duct line. Closed circuit is carried can enter duct line in order to prevent outside air and dust, assured the clean free from contamination of raw material better thereby. The gas of Motan explodes a powerful person can undertake to sucking glassware automatic cleanness is handled. Additional, motan carries a system to include to facilitate user operation and clean hopper style suck glassware. The laser beam welding that satisfies medical and plastic requirement receives a system to use JENOPTIK-VOTANTMW Compact laser beam welding to receive a system to be able to get extremely fine welding line, usable even Yu Wei sheds a passageway (Microfluidlic Channels) solder. Laser beam welding receives a system to be in plastic solder the application of the respect should have succeeded. In fact, in a few potential domains, laser solders to have distinct advantage more. The application of the analysis other the bed and chip laboratory system has brought the change of essential sex for line of business of medical treatment equipment. However, the application of these new technologies often needs to pass the working ability with many lab to will analyse task conformity enter miniature parts of an apparatus. Nowadays, the plastic solution that tall sex price compares is OK already can turn into large quantities of quantities to produce directly by the module of laboratory research and development only. The laser system that the JENOPTIK company that is located in Jena develops makes this one application turns into reality. The basis handles gotten information from medical industry supplier, with stick receive technical photograph to compare, use contemporary and advanced solder what the technology produces is plastic solder the requirement that quality already can satisfy high quality big batch to produce. For example, laser beam welding receives a technology to be used successfully already at a variety of medical the product is plastic solder. It is OK that laser beam welding receives unit delicate adjustment place wants energy size, application is quite consequently agile. Because laser beam welding receives a technology beardless coating adhesive, also do not need solidify time, manufacturing efficiency can be improved significantly. Other good points include welding line intensity taller, service life is longer also. Supplier introduction, the high-end laser beam welding of the machine place conformity that Jena offers receives a system to be able to solder completely automatically even quite complex small system module, these application include drug, diagnose and medical treatment equipment. In medical diagnostic product has a lot of special demands in process of big batch production, for example plastic welding line must be able to bear or endure test medium, must solid and abiding. In addition, small the small passageway structure that sheds a system cannot by abate. System of laser of JENOPTIK-VOTANTM W Compact has a laser and unit of a scanning, agreeing with medical industry system demand. The one part that it can regard a product as product line sets product line, and satisfy the requirement of medical trade clean house completely. Complete dispute contacts its unit process of cargo bandling, also won't because of wear away and produce particle. CNC Milling CNC Machining