Group of machine tool of plain of the Qin Dynasty " Qin Chuan card " on a list of names posted up of machine of roll flute of series nicety numerical control famous

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On September 6, product of Chinese famous brand commends congress is held in hall of Beijing people congress. The production enterprise of machine tool of Chinese rigid numerical control -- of limited company of group of Qin Chuan machine tool " Qin Chuan card " place of people's expectations of machine of roll flute of series nicety numerical control returns, on a list of names posted up famous. Come 40 years, machine tool of plain of the Qin Dynasty produces the core advantage that serves as his with research and development of roll flute machine, already formed breed of 7 old series, 200 many norms, the technical level of the product is close to or achieve current international advanced level; 50 multinomial win country, ministry and award of progress of provincial science and technology, first prize of progress of science and technology of its China home 1, second-class award 6, accumulative total offerred opportunity of nearly 7000 accurate roll flute for the development of our country mechanical manufacturing industry, home market is had rate achieve 75% above, export the United States, southeast Asia more than 20 countries and area. Created tens of of the industry " first first " . In recent years, machine tool of plain of the Qin Dynasty put forward " to the country industry of great and crucial equipment draws close, make brand of nation of high end of industry of machine tool equipment " struggling target, establish " nicety, compound, special type, large " numerical control machine tool develops way, build the technical team of flow of efficient research and development and high quality, the abidance that increases pair of core technologies is devoted, research and development throws the 6% above that take year of sales revenue, from grand key technical research and development, nicety is made, compositive assemble, numerical control is changed transform upgrade wait for a respect base oneself upon at own breakthrough, formed the patent system that becomes organizational system, own all sorts of patent 40 multinomial, be in charge of or participate in the technical standard that establish to amount to 60 multinomial. Rate of new product production value exceeds 65% . Group of tool of machine tool of Qin Chuan of the closest Shaanxi (big group) limited company hangs out his shingle shortly, big group develops a program (compendium) the target arrives " 915 " end: Build " 3 groups " , " two catenary " , " 3 garden " and " a center " industrial position; Come true 75, 10 billion yuan sales revenue, sale pattern is: The sales revenue of China and Asia occupies 2/3 about; North America sales revenue and European sales revenue occupy 1/3 about. Consolidate group of tool of Qin Chuan machine tool is in Shaanxi the position of arms of the person at the head of a procession of domain of equipment of special type of nicety of industry of our country machine tool, manufacturing industry of equipment of ascend body home 50 strong. CNC Milling CNC Machining