Tool blade grinds the new trend that the machine tool develops

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At present a lot of production manufacturer want to pass cutting, grinding and blade to grind cutting tool, come to utmost ground decrease stop machine. They are badly in need of more choiceness and all-purpose, the machine tool that can have machining with the cutting tool of different measurement and type. To cater to this kind of situation, machine tool production manufacturer is developing speed and productivity taller flexible machine tool.  looks from current development impetus, the stiffness of current tool grinding machine is taller than the congener machine tool previously, tolerancepublic errand requirement is stricter. A few machine tools have the software of menu drive even, so that easier process designing is mixed,adjust. Below certain circumstance, when grinder works, its handlers still can monitor cutting tool blade to worry a situation. Waerte the grinder family with the Vision powerful grinding machine of machine tool company (grinding machine of tool of Helitronic Power series) tool of Helitronic Power series and tool grinding machine are made by Walter Grinders company, it includes Power Production, mini Power Production, power R and Power BG grinder. The common characteristic of these 4 kinds of machine tools is, it is good to use tigidity three-dimensional close design of dragon door type, and C axis can make aleatoric roll. Because the motion of workpiece is unlimited, so this series machine tool almost but the each cutting blade that blade grinds cutting tool, but dextral or Zun Xuan, free inside 4 quadrant grinding. In addition, grinder of avery kind of has main shaft of grinding of a dicephalous, can install reach 6 emery wheel. This can make classics of this machine tool is adjusted but blade grinds complex geometrical form. Power Production kind blade grinds a machine tool to basically be used at fast blade to grind a diameter to be the large cutting tool under 330mm. The gearshift grinding main shaft that this machine tool has a 18kW and the pressure that are used at discharging bits in great quantities are 0.

The system of cooling fluid spray of 7 ~ 2MPa. The grating feet on all rods that make linear motion makes positional feedback, can compensate hot influence. Mini Power Production kind the characteristic of the machine tool is similar to Power Production machine tool, but it agrees with only grinding diameter is 101.

Under 6mm medium or small the cutting tool of dimension. This machine tool has system of spray of one cooling fluid (pressure is 10.

7MPa) , contain 9.

The gearshift grinding main shaft of 75kW. Say according to Walter company, grinding machine of the R-Model of Helitronic Power series tool is to attach most importance to those who grind workshop design only. This machine tool has an area to be the working area of 321mm × 321mm, can be in the diameter 15.

The grooving on the sincere makings under 8mm. This machine tool has 9.

The gearshift grinding main shaft of 75kW and pressure are 0.

The system of cooling fluid spray of 7MPa. The orgnaization of automatic outfit knife that the machine tool of 3 kinds of afore-mentioned model contains type of a whole, can change a knife automatically quickly. One exclusive kind Power BG is Walter company production contains the broach grinder of double head main shaft. This kind of structure makes this machine tool adjusts the tine that can machine complex planar broach top and alveolar. This machine tool has 9.

The software of drive of the main shaft of 75kW, menu and detect automatically with what at measuring broach and machine tool each axis fixed position uses device. Power BG grinder but grinding length is 609.

6mm, wide for 114.

The cuts horn to be less than 20 ° straight tine broach of 3mm, tine, the biggest tine of broach carries clearance horn on the head to be 10 ° , alveolar the biggest before horn is 15 ° . The workbench that besides revolving C axis clip of one magnetic force is worn and double head main shaft are in on D axis besides roll, power BG grinder is had as identical as machine tool of other Power series three-dimensional close construction of dragon door type; Axis of its revolving C changes those who pull tooth easily to cut corner. All Power series machine tools can join with Walter Helichech, have the online compensation of cutting tool. Helicheck uses many sensor, but each size that accurate, apace measures cutting tool. Later, helicheck replaces the emery wheel document of Power series machine tool, wear away in order to compensate emery wheel or the dimension of out of tolerance. Helicheck still can print a whole inspection report. The size is larger, company of smaller Germany Huffman rolls out bulk can grinding carries milling cutter and broach kind the Huffman HS-205 much axis of cutting tool exceeds grinding machine of hard emery wheel. This machine tool covers an area of an area only 3.

04 square metre. The lathe bed of this machine tool is used those who eliminated internal stress is cast-iron make. According to saying, the intensity of machine tool lathe bed and stiffness are better. The accurate grinding of grinder spare parts and the ball guide screw that use 0 space also make the stiffness of the machine tool rises greatly. Digital type communication does not have the system of drive of closed circuit servo that brushs electric machinery to be able to ensure the fixed position precision of the machine tool and smooth job. This machine tool has 304.

8mm × 304.

The treatment area of 8mm, contain by CNC pilot 3 move point-blank axis (X, y, z) and two rotor (A and C) . Other still deserves to have: The electric machinery coder on all axes, hub of single emery wheel, diamond emery wheel is most advanced amend implement with automatic lubricant system. What options includes robot of a double paw is automatic go up makings device and multitask spare parts tray. In addition this machine tool returns stock user application software, can use technically at grinding to carry the cutting tool such as milling cutter, broach, milling cutter and reamer. This software still can be used at what industry of grinding car, aerospace wants a part. HS205 grinder precision of Huffman and company of all-purpose sex Anca roll out a kind of new MGX tool and tool grinding machine. This machine tool agrees with grinding diameter is in 12.

The cutting tool under 7mm, the machine tool contains the unit of automatic outfit knife that combines together with the machine tool, this device can be placed hold amount to 40 cutting tool. If  uses the Tool Room software of Anca company, the user can adjust the machine tool immediately machine to what get used to new cutting tool. This order that move issues in Windows NT, can use at cutting tool of cutting tool of type of grinding broach, upright milling cutter, step, milling cutter, figuration and drift. In addition this machine tool returns stock: Statistical process is controlled (process of SPC) module, grinding emulates used CIMulafors 3D and outfit of a batch of when get on a splint mixture cutting tool the Ordermate in installing knife machine automatically. The workpiece collet that MGX grinder uses a kind of high accuracy -- Anca Precision Collet Assembly, this collet can be installed quickly, can achieve collet to extend 25.

The radial that 4mm is in brace up place be less than 4µm. This kind of function can make this machine tool can machine a diameter small to 0.

The cutting tool of 508mm. The GX7 grinder of Anca is flexible manufacturing ATG-6AC tool and cutting tool are automatic the new product that grinder is Star Cutter company. This machine tool has 5.

The electric machinery of gearshift main shaft of 6kW, can grinding carries the cutting tool such as milling cutter, reamer and planar broach, its diameter limits is 3.

05 ~ 101.

6mm. The length between machine tool tip is 685.

8mm. The emery wheel diameter that place of ATG-6AC machine tool uses is 152.

4mm is the following. Handlers can install 5 emery wheel together. This machine tool is had in W, X, Y, Z4 the sharp movement on direction, and two rotor A and B. Of this machine tool solder lathe bed can have block to control function to vibration, and stiffness is tall, the precision of grinder is so taller. This machine tool still has handiwork to blow the lathe bed slideway that make and abrade slideway, GE-Fanuc control equipment, the ball guide screw that the Heidenhain grating feet on sharp movement rod and essence grind; The machine tool still deserves to have 10 testing system, the cutting blade of the extreme position that can be used at defining work and cutting tool. As a kind of optional equipment, handlers can add a double entry testing system that is used at measuring emery wheel dimension and place accurately, the emery wheel that because this is changing every time,take time has when emery wheel is measured.  but the AB-175 tool grinding machine that the firm of Huffman of cutting tool Germany that grinding heads head of hard alloy knife develops, can use at grinding and abrade belt the cutting cutting tool of head of hard alloy knife. This machine tool has the double head main shaft with the circumgyrate tall precision that passes dynamic balancing and the part that add preload to contact ball bearing. In addition, still have an all-purpose knife that can hold large razor blade to place complex system, this answer is fit can move from emery wheel 38.

1mm, still one can read the Vernier read-out device that takes data in all direction. The outstanding characteristic of this machine tool is, there are a changeable main shaft and cutting tool space on blade holder inside the radial and mobile unit that fits pattern, this device can tilt on 2 direction of perpendicular plane be less than 40 ° . This characteristic can make sure work is certain to the essence of emery wheel. This machine tool still designs designedly but refrigerative fluid loss is decreased to 101 the smallest.

6mm is deep cast-iron the upper cover that make. Accord with the design that ergonomics asks, can make handlers easy bring into contact with each spare partses of this machine tool.  can inspect an examination the treatment situation that to facilitate handlers understands a machine tool at any time, GTI Technologies company is on tool of its Kuhlann SU2 and product line of tool grinding machine, increased to measure measuring projector. This can make handlers need not take cutting tool in grinding process can check cutting tool with naked eye. Standard Kuhlmann SU2 is grinding machine of odd blade tool, diameter of cutting tool collet is 6.

3mm, emery wheel granuality is 80. The transverse feed of this machine tool adjusts increment is 0.

0127mm, say according to GTI company, increment of this more transverse than a lot of other feed is 0.

The machine tool precision of 0254mm wants tall. Besides the treatment accessory of odd blade cutting tool, GTI company still supplies figuration milling cutter, upright milling cutter (platoon bit is little at 4) , twist drill (the diameter is in 12.

7mm is the following) , the treatment accessory of knife of profile modeling lathe tool, figuration. Accessory of a kind of optional twist drill grinding, usable Yu Ren grinds a diameter for 3.

175mm ~ 12.

The dextral twist drill of 7mm. The machine tool deploys the sudden fit that wear a top to grind the user of a cutting tool to thinking blade only, the blade of broach of SP series nicety that can use Darex company to produce wears device, this device but blade grinds a diameter for 1.

6 ~ 25.

The broach of 4mm. This device has two kinds of type: SP2500 but blade grinds apart point of a knife, SP2000 but blade grinds gyroidal point of a knife. Handlers is inside the time that is not worth 30 seconds, go up in device from beginning to end but blade grinds a point of a knife accord with the requirement. For the use of convenient user, this company was made to this device improve further, added unit of departure of an adjustable point of a knife. Muti_function tool grinding machine this machine tool is produced by Cuttermaster company, the blade that applies to upright milling cutter, finish machining to use head of upright milling cutter, broach, corkscrewed yarn knife, tap, reamer and heavy head to get is ground. This company claims, every machine tool is OK blade grinds high-speed steel and hard metal the cutting tool with two kinds of qualitative material, can adjust in in, blade grinds knife handle diameter for 50.

The following, external diameter is 8mm length of the 250mm, chamfer that discharge bits is 266.

The cutting tool of 7mm. The steeliness that the main shaft of grinding machine of this kind of tool is treatment of the grinding main shaft that balances by a classics, course takes slideway of swallow end form and the workbench that moves along axis of X, Y and one uses Yu Duan the graduation axle sleeve of face grinding is formed. Machine tool workbench can rotate 360 ° come grinding taper and pour wine cup. Workbench feed scale is 0.

0254mm. CNC Milling CNC Machining