The hole of essence of life that drills alveolus is gotten

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Division of Kong Zuan of attached drawing essence too gram getting cuts a diameter to be in of Ø2 ~ Ø16mm inside Kong Shi, can compile broach the geometrical figure that place of wear attached drawing shows, make its are had longer Xiu Guangren and bigger hind horn, point is very sharp, the point of similar reamer and bigger look bits chamfer, can undertake bore and reaming, make Kong Huo gets taller treatment precision and exterior quality. When bore or reaming, feed wants even. To getting the treatment when the steel that cut carbon precision can amount to IT6 ~ IT8, exterior surface roughness can amount to Ra3.

2 ~ 1.

6µm. Adoption cutting dosage: 10m/min of Vc =2 ~ , f=0.

08 ~ 0.

2mm/r. Cooling lubricating fluid is emulsion or vegetable oil. CNC Milling CNC Machining