The high speed in car mould is machined

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Tian Mo of blessing of Shandong Wei lane has finite liability company (company of blessing cropland pattern) , it is one produces what large car enclothes a mould to specialization production enterprise, basically offer a car for blessing field company large inside and outside enclothes a mould, the company is the domestic well-known company such as masses of one steam, 2 steam, Shanghai, developed the shell plating inside door plank, side wall, hind turn over the shell plating inside the door, hind boot shell plating large enclothe. Come two years, development made car automobile body 5 one lid is pressed ten sets add up to a mould. To improve efficiency, we were built in the enterprise complete " digitlization " production system. Ask the input of the user to carry section of research and development, all translate into " digitlization " the program of the format outputs production branch, will control treatment. For instance: FMC fact treatment is digitlized, the cast that come back machines digitlization, the cast fabricating that come back is digitlized, word of digit of sunken model aperture is changed, punch centering is digitlized, set a treatment digitlization, screw machines digitlization to wait. The worker already machined the sort of tradition from edge of graph of the knowledge side trival inefficient liberate in mode come out, these improved manufacturing efficiency greatly. In the meantime, explore those who digitlize a program to change ceaselessly -- high speed processing technique and automation processing technique. Current, the problem that basically encounters has so a few respects: One is the limitation of resource of CNC Milling process capability; The 2 promotion that are process designing technology; 3 be function of process designing software specialization; The 4 bottleneck that are cutting tool management; 5 perfect and carry out a problem effectively be treatment operation standard. Current, my company has the 5 axes high speed of an Italy to machine a machine tool, still have 5 machining center of 3 Japan, after matching high speed to machine a head, rotate speed can achieve 15000r/min. Can carry out to the mould " accurate high speed is machined " . The others still has the numerical control machine tool of a few Spain and Taiwan to serve as rough machining. As a result of the industry different, "High speed is machined " limits of cutting parameter application differs somewhat. With respect to the car large enclothe a mould for, because use device of CNC Machining of big dragon door, put in the limitation of the respect such as machine tool, cutting tool, craft. For instance, the dynamic balancing that high speed treatment cannot use big cutting tool, cutting tool, cast is out of shape, cost of mental allowance, cutting tool waits an element a moment. Compare in other industry posture with machining center, lie basically " accurate high speed is machined " level. But no matter be high speed treatment, still be common treatment, the direction of development is the automation treatment below the premise that assures precision. So the requirement of logarithm mill facility basically is like below a few respects: (1) precision is tall and the capability that fights precision to lose is strong; (2) the tigidity of main shaft is good and power is full; (3) the knife head library that takes main shaft and change automatically convenient and reliable; (4) take cutting tool library and change a knife automatically convenient and reliable; (5) care and maintenance is convenient and concise wait. These also regard a few main considerations that equipment chooses as the element. Be in car pattern company, high speed machines what apply in the finish machining of curved surface and semifinishing machining to still had been compared, in rough machining application still has a few problems, for instance: Surplus of the first knife not all problem, cast places arenaceous issue, cast metabolic problem. Additional, finish machining last knife also appears the mark that receive a knife the problem, these management that we strengthened several mill to operate a standard, the key catchs standard exercise standard, aggrandizement implements power. Current, the difficulty problem of the treatment that count mill basically has two sides: It is precision, 2 it is efficiency. Treatment precision and the main influencing factor that increase labor efficiency are same, have two big sides, wraparound case for, one is the element of equipment itself, one is equipment beyond the element related to the person. To machining precision, latter besides does not say, former to equipment leader plant, we hope equipment itself precision wants tall, the ability that fights precision to lose is ambitious, want to have the service that restores equipment precision respect. To machining efficiency, latter also besides does not say, to equipment leader plant, itself we hope to have the following: (1) speed of feed of numerical control machine tool wants tall. Not only idle stroke speed wants tall, feed speed and main shaft rotate speed should match, want tall, such ability realize high speed to machine; (2) acceleration of feed of numerical control machine tool wants tall. Feed acceleration not only for efficiency, at the same time also for precision. If machine tool of a high speed is done not have enough tall feed acceleration, so it is cannot high speed ground undertakes high accuracy of the treatment of complex curved surface, outline, because it cannot be competent treatment is sophisticated model when the face, according to different curvature radius, adjust the need of feed speed ceaselessly inside the shortest time. And the mainstream equipment that covers a mould treatment at present leaves a requirement to return the difference with apparent existence in this respect; (3) the clip of cutting tool of numerical control machine tool is held want on the safe side. Cutting tool and its clip run a system is the main technique that affects high speed cutting; (4) the platform of numerical control system with advanced need of high speed treatment. Of function of the interpolation method with advanced need of numerical control system, pretreatment, servo before technology of control of make a present of and error compensation function, data transmission function. At the same time system of numerical control machine tool should consider and consider to have system of specializationed treatment expert module, what achieve machine tool structure and performance according to different industry treatment characteristic is optimal match, improve treatment efficiency and quality. CNC Milling CNC Machining