Complete Ban material treatment efficiently

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A few years ago, machining process economy to Ban material the ground makes an on-the-spot investigation in, the service life that still machines speed and mould only inspects an element twice. Today, these two elements remain Ban material to machine socioeconomic to inspect a key, meanwhile efficient and energy-saving one of focal points that making Ban material machine economy to make an on-the-spot investigation. Efficiency is the specific value that achievement and capital use. Undertake in whether energy-saving to machine tool equipment environmental protection specific when making an on-the-spot investigation, what have conviction most is a series of inspect content, include what use efficiency to resource to make an on-the-spot investigation (graph 1) . Agile Ban ability part machines equipment to having very extensive use. And it is OK also that Ban material machines the handlers of equipment to often do not know it managing the sources of energy. Accordingly, always have facility of a few machine tools ceaselessly by " definition " for energy-saving equipment, but it is far from actually. Graph laser of 1 carbon dioxide can better the company of Ban material Trumpf of all sorts of ply is in cut what Ban material came true to machine equipment stage by stage in old ceaseless innovation is efficient and energy-saving. In this one process, they are mixed from innovation energy-saving the efficient and energy-saving problem that two different point of view will come to inspect Ban material to machine equipment. It is the spare latent capacity of the sources of energy that wastes directly in process of production of facilities of Ban material treatment on one hand; It is brings through the change with Ban ability corresponding part indirect and energy-saving possibility on the other hand, the machine tool of Ban material treatment that uses innovation sex for example and the energy-saving latent capacity that the treatment craft that concerns with its brings. Can reach so provide the data of energy-saving latent capacity of appeal most; In the meantime, the manufacturing cost of the spare parts also can be reduced, gotten total result often exceeds the result that energy-saving itself place brings. Use machine of cut of material of 2D laser Ban when you when, be in everyday 3% what the fee total of energy resources of the power below the circumstance of two production and cut gas occupies a spare parts to produce cost only, this is a very surprising data. And in medium-sized punch machine tool, the proportion that energy cost holds in spare parts cost is achieved fitly 1% (graph 2) . In equipment of graph 2nextpageLaser Cutting with energy-saving the component with the energy-saving the largest latent capacity that having immediate concern is nozzle diameter and turbine centrifugal air-blower. Secure laser emitter firmly on lathe bed base to be able to make equipment is having very good whole tigidity, also can let what Laser Cutting equipment uses small diameter cut chew, for example diameter 0.

Of 8mm cut chew. Such, the cut gas that place of machine of cut of laser Ban material uses up can decrease apparently, it is in use diameter for example 1.

Of 4mm cut chew, in 1.

The pressure of 5MPa issues what use diameter 2mm compares when cut to cut chew to want managing the nitrogen of 50% above. In field of energy of direct and managing laser, turbine is centrifugal air-blower is very good energy-saving dot. In equipment of modern cut of laser Ban material, when laser not this device when cut can quit the job automatically. The sources of energy that this can waste laser reduces about 40 % . And when working afresh, it can regain regular job position afresh inside a few seconds. When Laser Cutting, the effect that laser itself has in energy-saving respect is a problem that deserves a consideration. Does the efficiency of the type of laser source and Laser Cutting equipment match each other? You can reply: Match each other for certain. That what kind of laser source is just true laser cause? This problem is not decision of place of manufacturer home of Laser Cutting equipment, having close relationship with the application of the user instead. Although be improved ceaselessly laser of aeriform carbon dioxide is having taller than solid laser efficiency, but solid laser is having very good cut quality and highest working reliability in the cut of all sorts of ply spare partses, what often also can make up for efficiency respect is insufficient. If your Laser Cutting equipment basically is to be used at thin Ban cut, use device of solid Laser Cutting more idealer than equipment of aeriform Laser Cutting. For example the Trulaser 5030 Fiber that Trumpf company research and development produces: This is one energy-saving model thin Ban cut machines a machine tool, the Ban material ply that can machine most greatly 5mm. Using newest TrudiskLaser Cutting implement later, its cut speed is compared up to now machine tool of other Laser Cutting raised 300 % . In the meantime, efficiency also rises greatly, the managing the sources of energy when each workpiece cut amounts to 75 % . Additional, the user that uses device of cut of material of Ban of laser of this kind of solid still can upload its equipment parameter to production in the network. In process of punch form cutting can direct and managing the sources of energy a kind of particularly significant application circumstance is: Laser solders to develop the tie that reduces facility with the equipment of high-powered Laser Cutting that was not made full use of and laser. Those who produce the network that equipment forms to often can cause laser source utilization rate is bigger rise, because be in facilities of medium-sized complex formula treatment, for example in the device of laser beam machining that article place introduces, stimulating the energy of illuminant to have one fraction only normally is used in spare parts treatment truly. Source of the laser in other time does not work, because the machine tool is rushing,be cut into parts or adjust. The machine tool is received in laser beam welding in, the concern of ray of this kind of laser and time is very similar also, because always want,adjust tooling ceaselessly. Here has very great energy-saving potential to be able to be dug. Rushing in reducing treatment process OK also and direct managing energy resources. For example, rushing suitably outfit electron is added to rush in reducing facility cut module into parts. Compare to it, indirect and energy-saving be to most latent capacity can be dug however. Not long ago, what Trumpf company developed sex of a kind of innovation is strong dismiss a technology -- what without the edge horny beyond expects is strong dismiss a technology. Long-term since, although cut the Ban material when into parts to discharge material of makings, Ban to rushing,cover makings basis to machined a process to had undertaken optimizing, but it is final by the side of form of occurrence L of the periphery of Ban of whole Zhang Tie or meeting horny beyond makings. Using this kind to rush without more than makings after dismissing a technology, can regard the arris edge of Ban material as develop the margin that reduces a hardware to use, in the limits of Ban material brim Neidouke gives eligible part with treatment. This raised 10 % with respect to the utilization rate Ban material. The user checks to be in in some, its are produced can raise 50 % , at the same time more than makings reduced role of the rest edge 20 % . These digital backside, contain is worn very big economic benefits. Because produce a piece of the sources of energy that iron Ban place wastes,be strong the 30 ~ that cut equipment into parts to process Ban material into spare parts place to waste the sources of energy 80 times. Another kind of view is, immensity horn more than makings processing technique is annual the sources of energy with managing place can let machine tool equipment work 40 years. The comparison with laser beam machining and cutting energy-saving treatment understanding of another little person, but machine in Ban material energy-saving in the structural appearance that those who having important sense is a product. Use Laser Cutting and solder the sources of energy that the spare parts place that rise wastes returns less than adoption milling, auger 10% what cut treatment. For example, the beam that material of a stainless steel makes, the sources of energy that when after using Multilayer structure to design, be being produced, wastes the 48kW from before.

H is reduced 3.


H; Its treatment man-hour also shortened from original 3h the 3min that makes a person fab. Another example is: The beam of equipment of Trulaser 5030 laser (graph 3) . After optimizing a design through the structure, the costal region of box component board the flexural strength that assured to need and turn round tigidity. After using laser beam welding to receive, the wall is large decrease apparently with mental allowance, big political integrity made an appointment with metallic stuff. The result that it brings directly is crossbeam lighter than in the past, dynamic energy is used up fewer. Graph 3 CNC Milling CNC Machining