An Overview of CNC Routers Manufactured in China(fiber laser cutting Will)

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China has become a major manufacturer and exporter of CNC routers due to its skilled workforce and cost-effective production capabilities. CNC (Computer Numerical Control) routers are machine tools that are controlled by programmed commands encoded on a storage medium. They are used for various cutting, drilling and routing applications in industries like manufacturing, sign making, woodworking, prototyping etc.
There are hundreds of CNC router manufacturers based in China, located mostly in industrial clusters like Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shanghai. They range from large established brands to small factories and offer CNC routers across a wide range of sizes, specifications and prices. Here is an overview of the CNC routers made in China:
Types of CNC Routers
- Woodworking CNC routers: These are designed specifically for routing and machining wood and wood-derived materials like MDF, plywood, melamine etc. They have high spindle power and Z-axis clearance to handle large wooden workpieces. Chinese manufacturers like Bodor, Oemcup and YUJIN offer heavy duty gantry and moving gantry CNC routers for wooden furniture, doors, cabinets, panels etc.
- Engraving CNC routers: Smaller in size, these are designed for engraving, routing and machining softer materials like acrylic, plastic, aluminum, brass, foam etc. They are used for sign making, ADA signs, plastic fabrications, 3D reliefs, prototyping etc. Leading brands include CC, Sinopro, UCANCAM, Zenbot and so on.
- Metalworking CNC routers: Built with rigid frames and high power spindles, these machines can cut, drill and tap steel, aluminum and other metals for applications like signage, machine parts, jewelry, medical devices etc. Top manufacturers are Jinan Bodor, Yueqing Weier, Hsin Chien etc.
- 5-axis CNC routers: These advanced machines have rotary axes that provide angled and complex cutting capabilities. This allows machining complex 3D contours out of wood, plastic, composite materials etc. Some Chinese companies offering 5-axis routers are Jinan Quick, Nantong Haida, Fecken Machinery etc.
Key Components
- Control system: Most Chinese CNC routers now use advanced digital control systems that accept standard G-code and can connect via USB. Many support offline and online programming. Top brands opt for industrial grade control cards like those from Siemens, Panasonic, Adtech etc.
- Spindle: The spindle drives the cutting tool. Based on application, routers have high frequency electro-spindles or HSD air-cooled spindles. Power rating is important for material removal rate. Companies like HSD and OFP are leading spindle suppliers in China.
- Linear guideways: THK, Hiwin and other quality linear guideways provide precise axis movement and cutting accuracy. They are installed on Chinese machines according to work area size and application accuracy needs.
- Automatic tool changer: Higher end 5-axis and gantry routers come equipped with ATC which allows automatic changing of cutters as required by the work. This boosts productivity and reduces operator involvement.
Key Benefits of Chinese CNC Routers
- Affordable pricing due to lower manufacturing costs and a competitive supplier environment in China. This makes advanced technology viable for smaller businesses.
- Broad range of routers available from entry level machines to industrial grade solutions. This suits the needs of both small prototyping shops and mass production factories.
- Many manufacturers offer customization to tailor the routers for specific business applications in terms of size, power, features etc.
- Good quality machines that deliver high cutting speeds, accuracy and reliability. Top brands use components from leading international suppliers.
- Easy availability of spare parts and maintenance support from the manufacturer due to proximity to China.
In summary, CNC routers made in China offer technologically advanced and price competitive solutions for routing, cutting and machining applications across diverse industries. With proper supplier selection, they provide the right balance of price, performance and after-sales support. As Chinese firms continue to innovate and move up the quality ladder, their CNC routers have become globally competitive options. CNC Milling CNC Machining